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  1. jackson3

    What would be the immediate and long term consequences of a Nestorian China?

    As the title says. Let’s say an Emperor of the Tang Dynasty grew enamoured enough to convert to Nestorian Christianity, having himself and his family baptised into the Church. Further more he manages to have enough of his people converted over the course of his reign to the point that...
  2. jackson3

    WI: A Patriarchate of Carthage and North Africa?

    So I was thinking, what if when reestablishing the province of Africa after the reconquest the Justinian/whatever emperor you think fits, decided that it would it would be in the best interests of Empire and to help suppress the spread of the miaphysite heresy, the bishop of Carthage would be...
  3. jackson3

    DBWI: Make Christianity splinter or Schism.

    Christianity has been for centuries seen as one of the biggest religious blocks on the planet, this Is generally attributed to it’s obsession with achieving consensus with it’s great councils and the like. For those who follow another faith, the church is governed by the Council of five...
  4. jackson3

    AHC: Have the British isles be incorporated as part of the HRE

    As the title says, your challenge is to -with a start date of 1000 A.D- have all of Britannia be incorporated as an integral part of the Holy Roman Empire.
  5. jackson3

    What if Orthodox Henry VIII

    What if when during the argument with the Catholic Church over the right to Annul his marriage Henry VIII decided that it was more appealing to convert to Orthodoxy rather than joining to an untested religious movement he had previously argued against. How much opposition would he face in doing...