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  1. Simon

    WI: Kai Tak was stopped from being replaced?

    IIRC they built Hong Kong International Airport, and at such a fast clip, precisely because the Chinese government didn't have any say in the matter and they wanted to have it far enough along that it couldn't be cancelled after the handover. Without some major changes beforehand I'm not really...
  2. Simon

    WI: Colonel Gersdorff successfully suicide bombs Hitler on 21 March 1943

    Indeed. Many families will potentially have sons who have been called up whose fathers fought in the Great War; framing it as fighting on so that that their sons, and their father's grandsons, won't have to in another twenty years should be quite persuasive.
  3. Simon

    WI: Colonel Gersdorff successfully suicide bombs Hitler on 21 March 1943

    He could have been a mentally unstable man, John Hinckley Jr. four decades early. He could have been a Nazi extremist that felt Hitler wasn't going far enough. Hell, how do the Allies know that there really was a Rudolf Christoph Freiherr von Gersdorff, if there was that he was the bomber, or...
  4. Simon

    WI: Colonel Gersdorff successfully suicide bombs Hitler on 21 March 1943

    Nowhere near enough; there's Poland and Czechoslovakia to be considered, plus Norway and others. As Karelian wrote there's also the problem that there was a strong feeling in the US that WWII came about in large part because the job wasn't fully completed the last time so they were going to make...
  5. Simon

    If the Nazis knew about the A-bomb project, how would they react?

    IIRC the British had the quarters where he and his team were being held after they were captured fully covered with hidden microphones, and their reaction to the news of the bombing of Hiroshima indicated that they were still working with an incorrect understanding of nuclear weapons. Telling...
  6. Simon

    AHC: no F-15 Eagle

    Have the DoD mandate Grumman license production to other companies?
  7. Simon

    WI: Ghawar Field under Kuwaiti Jurisdiction?

    The Ghawar oil fields are something like 200 miles from our timeline's Kuwaiti-Saudi border. Unless the Kuwaitis have some kind of direct ethnic or historical links to the area I can't see why the British would do it, and even then they might still decide to support the Al Sauds at the time. I...
  8. Simon

    Tube Alloys - Best Case Scenario

    Parachutes introduce a potential point of failure, easier to shape the bomb case like they did with Yellow Sun.
  9. Simon

    What If Poland Annexed Kaliningrad In The Late-1990's?

    The only way I can see Poland gaining Kaliningrad after the Soviets is if it's held under some sort of lease. Say the Western Allies negotiate harder regarding the rearranging of Europe post-war, and as part of Poland being 'moved' westwards by losing eastern territory and being compensated with...
  10. Simon

    A British nuclear Triad.

    I'm assuming you mean a strategic nuclear triad similar to the US? That would be tricky to achieve, and almost impossible to maintain past the mid-1970s. Up until late generation sea launch ballistic missiles (SLBMs) their accuracy wasn't great, although as the saying goes "Close only counts in...
  11. Simon

    WI: The Nintendo Switch was a failure

    One thing to bear in mind is that there's often a resistance – both social and semi-official – to Westerners gaining influence over/ownership of Japanese companies, especially if they're a market leader or well known. An outside company might be able to succeed if they have the financial...
  12. Simon

    tsr 2 black buck

    A quick search suggests that Pave Spike – at least in UK service – had daylight only capability as late as the Gulf War, there’s references to Thermal Imaging Airborne Laser Designator (TIALD) pods being shipped out to overcome the limitation. Would a daytime mission be viable? When dropping...
  13. Simon

    Concorde slams into Chirac’s plane

    Looking at the results of the 1997 legislative election and the composition of the resulting National Assembly that could be complex. The PS have a plurality with 255 seats but short of the 289 need for a majority, the RPR and the UDF have 139 and 112 respectively and I can't see much...
  14. Simon

    tsr 2 black buck

    Possibly less successful. The TSR-2 has a slight advantage in range but I'm assuming that's with internally carried weapons only to avoid drag, which limits it to six 1,000 pound bombs versus the Vulcan's twenty-one. Considering that they purposely flew across the Port Stanley Airport runway at...
  15. Simon

    1914 Royal Navy Baltic Sea or Black Sea squadrons

    Well the British did have a small flotilla of submarines in the Baltic for three years during WW1, but it was very much a wartime development. Unless Russia was willing to host a small number of warships pre-war, which depends on whether they had modified their earlier stance on trying to close...
  16. Simon

    Last POD For An Independent Miskito State?

    My general idea was it being a combination of genuine interest in stopping the killing of Miskito people and to screw with the Sandinista government in Managua. In that instance direct American involvement would probably be detrimental since it would allow critics to ignore the former whilst...
  17. Simon

    Last POD For An Independent Miskito State?

    Probably not peacefully, but there were already armed indigenous groups resisting the Sandinistas during the 1980s for a number of reasons so perhaps the US directs support for them to help declare their independence. I did have an idea once time for the UK to launch a military intervention in...
  18. Simon

    2nd Cavalry Division in WWII

    Not exactly a high bar to clear. I would hesitate to make blanket statements though as I'm sure it was probably a mixed bag.
  19. Simon

    2nd Cavalry Division in WWII

    As Gannt the Chartist wrote the logistical challenges would make that unlikely. Possibly they would get added to Second Army on the extreme right? That would put them next to First Army under Hodges or later Ninth Army under Simpson, which operated under 21st Army Group for a period.
  20. Simon

    2nd Cavalry Division in WWII

    Yes, as I specifically noted in the sentence right after the one you quoted. I'm not really sure what point you're trying to make. All I was was saying was that thanks to having a history of using colonial troops around the Empire the British would be more likely to use them as combat units as...