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  1. Was Hitler's decision to break the Munich Agreement a mistake?

    It depends, czechoslovakia was seen as a huge vulnerability by German high command; it was fortified, mountainous, hostile, threatened a long stretch of Germany, had several land disputes with its neighbors, and had the economic resources to loot and further arm the Nazis. You can't say the same...
  2. AHC: make an "ugly rights" movement popular

    So a head measurement tax/rebate?
  3. AHC Give Canada a year round sub-tropical or warmer region

    Wait for the greenhouse effect to runaway, then sweat it out in the Yukon tropics in 2070 on a +9 degrees Earth. No POD required, just keep up living standards.
  4. WI: Central Powers adopt "Italy first" strategy

    Why would the Italians bow out? Trenches alone can hold the Po Valley and delay until the French and British ship in troops. It's hard to see them reaching Ravenna let alone the Apennines without WW2 tanks.
  5. German Spring Offensive succeeds-how does President Wilson react?

    Haig and Lloyd were at odds, Haig if we recall oversaw some of the bloodiest offenses of the war and persisted in them regardless of feedback. Lloyd understandably didn't want another meat grind, however Haig was a conservative darling whose removal would threaten British unity, so he withheld...
  6. Are dime stores worth their nostalgia?

    Logistics, really good logistics by Western standards. At the end of the day Walmart moves goods to people, some perishable. The most obvious example is groceries, which has a single digit profit margin that sometimes dips negative, any slight improvement means substantial increases in profit.
  7. Could the Entente realistically hold onto the Rhineland if Germany goes communist in 1919

    Would the German reactionaries be any better? These are the same bitter losers whose goto response to poverty and starvation is arrests, force, and appeals towards a "victorious peace" . Plus they just fought the Entente a little over a year ago.
  8. German Spring Offensive succeeds-how does President Wilson react?

    The thesis doesn't talk about how Germany will supply the saliants, how it will bring up supplies with no rail on foot/by mule across an active battle with craters, uncleared obstructions and active artillery fire an extra 20km than IOTL. It ignores that the vanguard has gone several days with...
  9. German Spring Offensive succeeds-how does President Wilson react?

    Just a single student PHD thesis. See how that works? Its almost as if you expect others to read your source or shut up but not the reverse. Whereas the article is by Alexander Watson The author of three books, which focus on East-Central Europe, Germany and Britain during World War I. His...
  10. German Spring Offensive succeeds-how does President Wilson react?

    Oh there was :) you just ignored it. Here's a familiar quote And you went back to quoting your Spring Offensive bible again.
  11. German Spring Offensive succeeds-how does President Wilson react?

    You keep swinging that around as if its holy writ, it isn't. I'm going to quote myself since you don't seem to bother addressing issues you don't like. Not to mention the Entente was quite adept at counter battery fire by now. IOTL they advanced 40km and were starving, I wonder what else...
  12. German Spring Offensive succeeds-how does President Wilson react?

    He's trying to have it both ways, those ports are capable of supplying the western armies through the railheads unless Germans take them; then they aren't suddenly. Apparently taking the railheads means that the railway to the west and south of Amiens suddenly changes somehow and the ports too...
  13. German Spring Offensive succeeds-how does President Wilson react?

    Context? I'll respond when you put similar levels of effort into your response for my original post. Waste of time otherwise.
  14. German Spring Offensive succeeds-how does President Wilson react?

    Its not, the Germans, French and British can and did use light rail, horses, and trucks. Guess who has more of all of them? Why are only British logistics a factor when they are up against stormtroopers carrying what meagre supplies they had on their backs? If you're going to make your argument...
  15. German Spring Offensive succeeds-how does President Wilson react?

    Not interested in debate are we? Unlike good a historian you keep referring back to one source in Zabecki as if he is infallible and dismissing any other academic sources. You linked a student PHD thesis and act as if he is the spokesman for an entire university most North Americans haven't...
  16. German Spring Offensive succeeds-how does President Wilson react?

    So the better motorized, fed, and supplied BEF operating with internal lines of supply (railroads) is going to forget 4 years of training and experience, collapse and run against troops supplied only with what they can carry? The same British army that fought the Germans tooth and nail up to...
  17. Equal taxes for the nobility and the church in France in 1770

    Nobles, church, royalty, and the middle class that brought the royal monopolies and positions.
  18. No Operation Ichi Go and U Go, Japan focuses on the Marianas in 1944?

    Logistics is for boring bureaucrats and paper-pushers without ambition. True men with ambition will fight in the short and glorious decisive battle! There will be no need for logistics with all the indemnity money we'll be swimming in after the cowardly Americans crumble. Now all we need is for...
  19. AHC: USA becomes a nation of bodybuilders

    Mass steroid doping of water supplies, otherwise most people aren't going to bother wasting a part time job lifting weights for a particular type of vanity. (it's also questionable how fit they will be, cardio, back and legs tend to be neglected). For a good comparison look at the Hitler youth...
  20. Is the Reinsurance Treaty tenable? (Or, a Russo-German Entente by WW1)

    No, the man spent 20 years of his reign trying to turn back history, centralizing power, living in a fantasy, backing down too little and too late, two-facing it every time he backed down, and appointing incompetent loyalists to every government position that he can furthering his delusions. He...