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  1. Forgotten No More: An Ode To John
    Threadmarks: Intro: North America in 2021

    Welcome! Some of you may have seen my other graphic TL in this subforum, the Union of American Realms, and others may know from my occasional postings in other threads in the Maps & Graphics section of the site. At one point, however, I was mostly here for the Shared Worlds subforum where I...
  2. Alternate Sports List

    Alternate Sports List The go-to place to dump your poorly (or masterfully) written sports-related lists, whether it be champions for a league, alternate drafts, MVPs, or what have you! Sorry if a thread of this nature already exists, but I couldn't particularly find one!
  3. Fixing Wikipedia's Bad Cartography: A Collaborative Project

    All of us use Wikipedia to some extent, especially so in the Maps & Graphics sub-forum where Altenate Wikiboxes are a popular form of expression. But even outside of this sub-forum, Wikipedia is where most of us go* whenever we need quick information on a myriad of historical issues we go on to...
  4. Union of American Realms: A World-Building Exercise
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    ¡ ∞ ¡ • ¡ Union of American Realms ¡ • ¡ ∞ ¡ A Graphic World-Building Exercise Welcome! This is the main thread for the UAR-verse. What is the UAR-verse? It is a concept that I have toyed with in my heads for years. It's undoubtedly influenced by dozens of other scenarios I have seen here on...
  5. WI Reconstruction Succeeded?

    Literally, I haven't seen this much. What if reconstructed succeeded? How could it succeed? By succeed, I mean the rights granted to African-Americans after the Civil War are not broken down in the 1880s.
  6. WI No 1952 Coup by Fulgencio Batista

    Supposing Fulgencio Batista did not commit his OTL coup for some reason (him dying as a possible POD?) and the Orthodox Party won the election as it is presumed they would, what would be the consequences going forward? For one, Castro never begins his revolutionary movement in such a world...
  7. WI North/South Split Early On

    So I was looking at an ancient thread I started here in Before 1900 way back in 2009 concerning what would happen if all the states went independent in 1790. One of the issues brought up involved how the New England states would likely get together, the Southern states, etc., and that led to a...