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  1. Map Thread XIX

    Holy Canoli! You've taken my old basemap to a whole new level. Love it.
  2. Map Thread XIX

    Thank you! Could you give me the one with the rivers completely intact? EDIT: I've got it.
  3. Map Thread XIX

    You have done my basemap proud!!!! Is there any way you can post a new version of this map without the labeling?
  4. Map Thread XIX

    BTW, this is a resized map of Vylinus’ excellent map of Planetos on Deviantart. Basemap is mine (rivers, shapes of the world and continents, etc was made 7 years ago by me), and about 80-90% of the political and cultural borders come from him. I’ve resized his original world map to fit the...
  5. Map Thread XIX

    The known world of ASOIAF, set right before the start of the series. NOTE: I've kept Westeros colored Targaryen red just to make political distinctions more clear. If this map were used for a game or TL that started right around 297AC, then I'd recommend changing the Targaryen red to Baratheon...
  6. WIP Map Thread

    I always thought the Westerlands were more like Renaissance Italy? Westeroscraft actually constructed the entire Westerlands with that sort of architectural vision in mind...
  7. Map Thread XVIII

    A map of the world of Suikoden. Red dots mark important locations in each of the games.
  8. WI Napoleon before 3rd coalition.

    The consul continues, but it will be weakened. Britain and/or Austria may take the opportunity to attack France again in a Third Coalition. I doubt they would still win though. Yes, France will survive. Honestly, the Republic itself might continue...albeit as a semi-dictatorship for several...
  9. Official "Did the Confederacy Have a Chance to Win the American Civil War?" Thread

    The Confederacy absolutely had a chance to win the war, but they were definitely underdogs. Hindsight is also 20-20. Of course we look at the ACW today and think "the south had no shot", but had the Confederacy actually won the war, we'd look at the conflict today and think the same way about...
  10. Nazi Germany with a Free Market System?

    The very heart of Nazism ran against the principles of free market economics. It wouldn't work simply because of that...this is basically ASB. There wouldn't be a Nazi Party as we know it if they supported free market economics.
  11. The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

    Ford can never win. It is known...
  12. The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

    My respect for Ford just jumped light years ahead of what it previously was. He inherited a mess like this, and nearly pulled it off.
  13. The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

    Holy start the 1976 election losing every state in the country. UTAH is a swing state. How the hell do you pull Ford out of that hole???
  14. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Most Responsible Countries for the First World War

    I would argue Germany, Austria-Hungary, Serbia, and Russia were all equally responsible for starting the war. Serbia pretty much turned a blind eye to the Black Hand, allowing an international crisis to start when they assassinated the heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. And add the fact...
  15. Could a Victorious Napoleonic Empire Compete Economically with the British Empire?

    If Napoleon lets the French people innovate, I think France absolutely could remain a strong competitor of Britain. However, the French birthrate needs to climb back up for France to remain relevant. Controlling all this new land will help, but France needs to have the manpower necessary to...
  16. Alternate Electoral Maps

    Why would even a "Tea Party" nominee waste his time in Utah 7 times on the campaign trail? Say what you want about the Tea Party, but I doubt such a nominee would be that stupid to spend most of his/her time campaigning in the most conservative state in the Union.
  17. Alternate Electoral Maps

    Get rekt Al Gore.
  18. The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

    That would be the mother of all political nightmares if something like this had actually happened in real life... Can you imagine someone winning the Presidency by 190 votes in Florida even though they lost the popular vote by over a million votes?
  19. The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

    It's impossible to win Florida as Wallace.
  20. DBWI: French Republic lasts a little longer?

    OOC: Holy shit this made me laugh so hard! How did you come up with that? It's brilliant dude! IC: Yeah...reported for conspiracy theories. I hope you enjoy "revolutionary justice" miseur.