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  1. Dan1988

    AHC: Cantonese instead of Mandarin as Standard Chinese.

    For those that like languages/linguistics, and for those that are interested in China-related subjects: While looking around some stuff on the 'Net for a post in Chat, I came across this South China Morning Post article...
  2. Dan1988

    Alternate wives for Edward VIII?

    So, I'm currently in the research stage of a TL project I'm working on for the interwar period, with multiple PODs scattered around the place, and one of them hinges on one person in particular - Edward VIII. Now, most of us are familiar with his saga with Wallis Simpson and how his intent on...
  3. Dan1988

    WI: US uses Mexico as "dumping ground" for 1930s immigration backlog?

    In the 1930s, the US was notorious for having a very complex and strict immigration system that tried to keep out as many people as possible so as to "reduce" the "burden" immigrants would place on the US. In particular, right up into World War II this would be used to try to keep out as many...
  4. Dan1988

    The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies
    Threadmarks: 1. Prologue - Our Lady's Boobies

    The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies and Other Tales of British Newfoundland an presentation by Dan1988 -- Prologue: Our Lady’s Boobies See those islands on that map? The ones marked with the tack, north of St. John Island, off the...
  5. Dan1988

    A question about Joseph Chamberlain

    I'm sure this has been asked multiple times before, but I'm just curious (as I'm working on a TL project and this is one aspect that's going to come up, seeing as I'm not that too terribly familiar with British politcs): Let's say that Joseph Chamberlain does not suffer a head injury on July...
  6. Dan1988

    WI: Andréas Papandréou stays in North America instead of going back to Greece?

    Andréas Papandréou (Ανδρέας Παπανδρέου) was one of Greece's most important (and, consequently, one of its more famous) post-Junta Prime Ministers. The son of a Prime Minister who served in the Royalist government-in-exile during the Second World War, and then twice as Prime Minister during the...
  7. Dan1988

    Could a stronger Mexico City earthquake force the 1986 World Cup to be cancelled?

    On September 1985, Mexico City was rocked by an earthquake that destroyed a good part of the downtown core and neighbouring area. At the same time, however, Mexico was in the midst of preparing for the 1986 World Cup after Colombia backed down a couple of years prior due to economic costs...
  8. Dan1988

    A United States of Colombia w/only OTL Colombia, Venezuela, Panama - could it work?

    And not just could it work - but how would it come about? Would a collapse of the original Gran Colombia be necessary or would it have to be reformed? Or would it have to be something else? (Bonus points if Trinidad, Tobago, and the Galápagos are included, but are not necessary - of these...
  9. Dan1988

    Novgorod Republic instead of Muscovy as the major Russian state?

    How would Russian history be any different if, instead of Muscovy (and its predecessors, Rostov-Suzdal and Vladimir-Suzdal) being the principality which began the Tsardom and growing to conquer its neighbouring principalities, not to mention seen as the "cradle" of Russian culture, the Novgorod...
  10. Dan1988

    AHC: Generalísimo Francisco Franco succeeded by Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco

    Your challenge, should you accept it, is to have Francisco Franco not select Juan Carlos as Prince of Spain in 1969 (which will be the year of the POD). This will leave the path more or less clear for Carrero Blanco to succeed Franco, when the latter dies as per OTL, as the new "Regent" and...
  11. Dan1988

    AHC: A Portuguese *Canadá?

    Apparently, around the 1400s and 1500s there were Portuguese explorers who were around the area of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Grand Banks (in fact, the region of Labrador is named for such an explorer), but they never took advantage of it. So what would it take to have at least most of...
  12. Dan1988

    A British Formosa? A thought exercise.

    With all the current shenanigans going on as of late in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and in China as of late, here's one topic that could provide food for thought. Now, as we all know, thanks to the Opium Wars, Hong Kong was ceded in perpetuity to the British Crown by the Qing dynasty. However...
  13. Dan1988

    An Iran question [NON-POLITICAL]

    OK, so during Ayatollah Khomeini's rule in Iran, there were three different "executive" positions - the Supreme Leader, the President, and the Prime Minister. Nowadays, ever since the position of Prime Minister was abolished in 1989, it's been down to only two positions - the Supreme Leader and...
  14. Dan1988

    Christmas WI: Worse Eggnog Riot?

    In the late 1820s, a bunch of West Point cadets went crazy because some decided to smuggle whiskey to make eggnog for a Christmas party. Among the rioters - who basically got away scot-free - was future CSA President Jefferson Davis. So, WI the Eggnog Riot became much worse than it was? Could...
  15. Dan1988

    Terminology question

    OK, so let's say that for the purposes of this question, we are dealing with a hypothetical TL where in addition to the UK and the three OTL Crown Dependencies, there would also be Puerto Rico as a British Crown Dependency. How that comes about is not relevant to the question. Now, in OTL we...
  16. Dan1988

    Random idea for a TL - the two Galicias united?

    OK, this might be a completely random idea, but bear with me on this one. Now, there are two regions in Europe which, in English, are called Galicia. One is located in modern-day northwestern Spain and was historically an independent medieval kingdom (from which Portugal originated from)...
  17. Dan1988

    WI: Alternate arrangement for Westminster-style democracies more widespread?

    And by that alternate arrangement, I mean thus (composite of two Wiki articles): So, how could this arrangement be more widespread, particularly amongst British colonies?
  18. Dan1988

    Question: WI longer-surviving Ministry of All the Talents? Could there have been any way of prolonging this particular Government?