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  1. alternate music genres

    Based on several different threads that look at different alternate ideas of a concept like ideology or religion. I decide to make one for music genres because I been always interested in music and how different and alien it can be in other timelines as it too is affected by butterflies as well...
  2. Zorro legacy

    zorro is a masked hero who helps people in California during the Spanish and Mexican periods of that state history. with all his adventure, I wonder how his adventures would affect California and the surrounding nations? from his adventure in his movies to his books and tv series. how would...
  3. late 20th century timelines.

    are there any good late 20th century (1950s-1990s) timelines?
  4. religion and culture in a 1983 nuclear war

    so what might religion and culture might look like in 1983 nuclear war?