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  1. Earlier Anti-Conscription/All-Volunteer Force

    Conscription during the US Civil War drew significant resistance on both sides. What if events lined up and the opposition was able to coalesce into a potent political movement on par with Prohibition which led to an Anti-Conscription law during or after Reconstruction. How would an...
  2. Earlier Boll Weevil

    The Boll Weevil is a beetle that migrated into the Southern US and wreaked havoc on cotton fields from the late 19th to early 20th century that was only eradicated in the 80s at great expense. If this Beetle had reached the US a few decades earlier, say during the Mexican war, how might it have...
  3. Northern acceptance to Secession

    Are there any TLs in which the North simply let go of the South once it secedes? And what are the numerous paths that could play out for both the North and the South?
  4. West African decolonization

    I've come across a map showing the spread of Mandinka people in west Africa and couldn't help but ask myself, why didn't the french simply create a border encompassing that area when it's relatively culturally and linguistically homogeneous rather than splitting it into multiple unstable nations?
  5. Post Civil-War Black Ascendancy

    After the civil war was over, how could it have been possible for African Americans to come to prosper over the many decades afterwards completely on their own merit without any change in White attitude or governments both state and federal from OTL?
  6. Higher German Population

    How can we push the German population past a hundred million with a Post-WWII POD that would not overly effect world events as we know it.
  7. Has the US ever spent 10 years Conflict Free?

    The US, since it's inception to this day. Has it ever spend a minimum of 10 years without some kind of armed conflict, somewhere?
  8. Can't remember Finnish TL

    Does anybody knows of a WWII TL about Finland? The premise as I remember it is a young genius who makes his home in Finland and develops or helps develop homegrown technological industries such as radio and radar. Finland beats back the Soviets and participate in the fall of Berlin.
  9. Reconstruction Policy During the Cold War

    What if the US adopted in Latin America and Africa the policies it used in Japan during it's occupation after WWII until it's independence in 1952? These policies were focused on strong democratic ideals, a new constitution, breaking monopolies, overhauling education systems, sharing civil...
  10. Demograpgics of a Nullified Civil War.

    How greatly would the US population be effected if the Civil War didn't become a Hot War?
  11. Sufism Dominant

    Yes, it would be quite difficult with Saudi oil money pouring down but let's handwaive the how. How would the Middle East and Islam as a whole likely be affected if Sufism won the battle of dominance outside of the Arabian Peninsula?