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  1. Software Advice

    I would love to get into AH cartography. Can anybody recommend the software to use to make these maps? What tricks and programs do people use to make them?
  2. TL-191 European Spin-Off? Discussion

    So, I've read most of the Southern Victory series now, and tbh, I find myself more fascinated by distant Europe - the going-on there. It just sounds so much more interesting and eventful. Whereas the affairs in North America really only affect two or three nations, the affairs of Europe...
  3. Tl-191 What does it mean to be an "American"?

    In OTL, the U.S. existed as one unitary nation, and that has much to do with our victory in the Civil War and the era of good tidings that followed it. As Turtledove himself points out, pre-CW, many diplomats referred to our country as these United States). But in TTL, the states broke up...
  4. TL-191 Lincoln's Socialism?

    Hey, guys, I'm new to the site. Just thought I'd introduce myself before diving right in. I'm a big fan of the Southern Victory series and the crazy world created by Turtledove. With that said, one of the parts I most enjoy is Lincoln consolidating socialism in the U.S because it's such a...