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  1. WI: Greco-Turkish ERE

    maybe you coul real An Age of Miracles from Basileus444
  2. Malê Rising

    I had almost forgotten how REAL your writing feels, thanks Jonathan
  3. Una diferente ‘Plus Ultra’ - the Avís-Trastámara Kings of All Spain and the Indies (Updated 5/5)

    I saw a notification from Torbald and my heart jumped of joy.
  4. The New World of the White Huns

    In the last couple of weeks I read The Rise and The New World of the White Huns and it has been a great adventure. I will wait with patience what will we see happen in South Solvia, and maybe what TTL Chile would look in the future thanks for your great work
  5. Moonlight in a Jar: An Al-Andalus Timeline

    Hey @Planet of Hats last couples of day I readed this TL and it's great! A lot of times in the past i was close to start reading, but the idea of a muslim iberia irked me ( i'm from Chile, so one of the fundations of my culture comes from christian spain, even if I am atheist)... Finally, I...
  6. A Kingdom of Swans: The Spanish Empire under the House of Wittelsbach

    real life is more important, take care and take time
  7. AHC: Pirates vs Ninjas in real life

    Thande did it in Look to the West
  8. Look to the West Volume VII: The Eye Against the Prism

    I just wanted to take a moment to show my apretation and gratitude to Thande. In 2007 this was the TL that made me a fan of, as a Chilean a TL were my land is almost at the center of the world history was mind blowing, and opened a windows to learn, share and have fun that has been really...
  9. An Age of Miracles Continues: The Empire of Rhomania

    A couple ideas: - I don't think D3 it's going to abdicate soon, I presume that he HAS PLANS for after the war. More likely Odyseus is crowned co-Emperor and D3 get out of the spotlight and little to little start to transfer reponsibilities to his son. - With a more Roman Italy, what's going to...
  10. An Age of Miracles Continues: The Empire of Rhomania

    and now you make me like Elizabeth Wittelsbach
  11. An Age of Miracles Continues: The Empire of Rhomania

    Just a couple months ago I find this wonderful TL, and it's easy in my personal Top 10 in, and I want to thank you for your work and dedication. At the end of this war, after the Romans kick ass and take names, what do you think D3 makes the Germans give up the Roman part of their title...
  12. What if Argentina, Chile and Uruguay were one nation? (Plus AHC on formation)

    the Andes make really hard to Argentina and Chile to be one country
  13. A Most Glorious Revolution: Savoyard Spain

    whenever you have it, we will be thankful
  14. A Most Glorious Revolution: Savoyard Spain

    IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!! :biggrin::biggrin:
  15. Eagle of the Andes V2.0

    Suscribed!!!!! loving the slow and careful build up for... something :)
  16. Es Geloybte Aretz Continuation Thread

    Project MJOLNIR!!!!!!!!