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  1. The Three Carolingians: A Different Outcome to a Great Empire

    The fragmentation of the Empire is very intriguing; because is ruled by several branches of the Carolingian dynasty, nobody would dare to declare a proper secession... Yet. Guess the game of Thrones will continue until every Carolingian would die or one will reunite the Empire for good. Every...
  2. An Imperial Match: Anne Boleyn marries Charles V

    Nothing better than an Italian battleground to make bloom male to male love in the early modern age...
  3. Last Light of Gaul: the Domain of Soissons endures

    I wonder how the Domain would relate towards the Burgundians - the Visigoths remain the most important threat to Roman Gaul even if having a relevant defeat, but the South-East may not be easy to deal with. But, controlling the Burgundians would be necessary to whoever will control Italia in the...
  4. The Undying Empire: A Trebizond Timeline

    Even Russia claimed to be the third Rome but never managed to get the City... That's possible.
  5. The Undying Empire: A Trebizond Timeline

    Well personally I am interested to see how restored indipendent Bulgaria will fare in an alternate modern age... Also other various Orthodox realms as well. I think is a scenario not much explored, an AU where Russia isn't the only Orthodox indipendent country in this age - and is not a...
  6. The Undying Empire: A Trebizond Timeline

    Oh my I didn't totally expect Trebisund's move in the end. The new patchwork of realms in Anatolia and the Balkans look to be... Very interesting.
  7. The Undying Empire: A Trebizond Timeline

    Bulgarian great rebellion?
  8. The Undying Empire: A Trebizond Timeline

    I am so glad to have noticed tonight one of my fav ever timelines is back. I am happy that David finally got Georgia for Trebisund too! The chapter about the Persian succession and civil war was my personal fav among the new ones... The unknown assassin sniper would surely enter in the dark...