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  1. TheKutKu

    WI: Carlotist Upper Peru in 1809?

    Hello, Some of you may be familliar with "Carlotismo", that weird plan by carlota Joaquina, older Sister of Ferdinand VII (and Queen of portugal after 1816) to go to Buenos Aires with Luso-Brazilian support and declare herself Ruler of Spain's american empire, since she had a good claim after...
  2. TheKutKu

    WI: Britain keeps Louisbourg in 1748?

    Hello IOTL, the french fortress of louisburg which controlled the access to the st Lawrence fell to New English forces in 1745, and the french failed to retake it, however it was given back to France as part of the treaty of Aix La Chapelle in 1748 ( which angered some new english who had...
  3. TheKutKu

    WI: Portugal keeps control of Mombasa and the Swahili coast in 1729?

    Portugal famously lost Mombasa and control and much influence over the swahili coast in 1697 against the Omani empire, which was at its peak in the late 17th century. In 1728, during a period of instability and civil war in the Omani empire, the Sultan of Pate Bwana Tamu Mkuu revolted against...
  4. TheKutKu

    WI: 1966 Palomares incident H-Bomb detonates nuclearly.

    As part of operation chrome dome, in 1966 a B-52 carrying 4 Mark 28 H-Bomb was flying above spain when it collided with a KC 135 tanker, two of the bombs had their conventional explosive explode, spreading radioactive material over several km². In 1961 a B-52 also carrying (Mark 39) H-Bombs...
  5. TheKutKu

    WI: Vela incident unambiguously an Israeli or South African Nuclear Test?

    The Vela incident in 1979 is now more or less universally thought as a nuclear test, but there is still considerable doubt over which country did it. It is very likely either a South African or an Israeli (who had nuclear weapons for 13 years at this point) test. So my question is, what would...
  6. TheKutKu

    Effects of large-scale French immigration into North America during the 19th century?

    Hi! This is assuming either a larger demographic growth in France, or/and extreme instabilities - not that france already didn't suffer during that century IRL - that lead to several million Frenchmen going to north america, let's say around the number of germans that went to the United States...
  7. TheKutKu

    Regional GNP of Germany During WW2

    Hi! I've been trying to search data about the various GNP or percentage of total GDP/Production of Nazi Germany during ww2 but sadly i can't find anything, does anyone have some data about it? Datas slightly before the war would fit! Thanks for your answer