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  1. WI: COVID-19 type pandemic 20 years earlier

    How would the emergence of a virus like SARS-CoV-2 in late 1999 and the resulting havoc across the globe have been different from the OTL pandemic? What would the disease have been called? Pathogen naming conventions were changed a few years before the COVID-19 outbreak, so it probably wouldn’t...
  2. Map Thread XX

    Here's a map depicting Plymouth if it survived as a separate colony from Massachusetts Bay and became a US state. The flag is also an original creation. In this timeline Plymouth Colony is granted a charter after the dissolution of the Dominion of New England instead of being absorbed by its...
  3. Alternate Electoral Maps III

    As I’m not the creator of the timeline I’m not sure what Romney does to get such strong numbers with Hispanics. You may be right that Trump’s populism without the anti immigration parts may do well with them. I’ll ask Reagent about this and see what he says. EDIT: Reagent says that Romney...
  4. Map Thread XX

    I haven't really figured too much of the world beyond the HRE. My original idea was that the HRE slowly eats away at a stubborn and resilient Russian tsardom. The current border largely follows the Don and Volga Rivers making further expansion difficult in a country that is already famous for...
  5. Alternate Electoral Maps III

    In this scenario Romney gets really strong numbers with Hispanics. The mini-TL focuses on Trump's campaign, not Romney's, so I'm not sure what he does to outreach to them. Reagent used a model to calculate the margins by state- Trump wins California by just 9.7% and New Mexico by 1.9%, while...
  6. Map Thread XX

    After several months of on-again, off-again progress, the follow up to my Holy Roman Europe map is complete. I present you with the linguistic map of Holy Roman Europe, complete with a key that's twice as long as the map itself. The fractured political system of the empire has allowed some...
  7. These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

    That's one massive Russia... I take it the population is so huge because there aren't World Wars or communism to cause the deaths of millions?
  8. AHC: Have Canada and the South switch places

    How could a scenario occur where Canada ends up joining the American Revolution while the South stays neutral/loyalist? Perhaps the colonies have a schism over regional issues like slavery (not sure how plausible that is at the time of the revolution) or the British try to repress the French...
  9. 2021 Turtledoves - (Closes (2/21/21) - Best Map Nominations and Seconds

    I nominate Best Map: La Transsaharienne 1982 by @TheKutKu and @Reagent
  10. Alternate Electoral Maps III

    This is a county map for @Reagent's mini-TL "Change Deferred," where Barack Obama is assassinated during the 2008 primaries and Hillary Clinton becomes President. She loses re-election to Mitt Romney in 2012, and in 2016 Trump runs as a Democrat with a populist style similar to his OTL 2016 run...
  11. Map Thread XX

    A simple map I decided to do of Brittany with anglicized place names. Like other Celtic countries, the names here are a mixture of anglicized spellings of Breton toponyms and direct translations.
  12. Map Thread XX

    I made a typo with Keewatin's abbreviation and forgot to put Oregon in. Thanks for pointing out my mistakes.
  13. Map Thread XX

    When I got my new laptop in June I decided to try and learn QGIS as a way to try and make more sophisticated maps. It ended up being more of a slog than I'd hoped, as my chosen project of remaking a US wank map I created in 2018 ended up being very resource intensive due to the large scale of...
  14. These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

    Nice to see OFC making a triumphant return.
  15. Alternate Electoral Maps III

    Not AH, but I made a 2000-2016 swing map for Massachusetts. I started this in October but just got around to finishing it today. It's an interesting comparison because the margin in each election was nearly identical (D+27.3 in 2000, D+27.2 in 2016) but a lot of dramatic swings occurred at a...
  16. Map Thread XX

    Love to see my Massachusetts flag make an appearance, but I'm suing you for copyright infringement.
  17. A New America - 10273 Congressional Districts

    With a project of this scale, maybe you could have some others collaborate with you to ease the burden. If you want a helping hand I could do the New England states.
  18. [Tutorial] QGIS for Fictional Cartography

    I know this is old, but I was wondering if you could maybe do a small update about stylistic settings for maps (i.e. labels, coloring, background terrain). I'll try to figure it out on my own, but some tips from someone more experienced with QGIS would be helpful.
  19. Alternate Electoral Maps III

    Sorry I didn't see this earlier... those districts are part of Quincy and Weymouth, which have a lot of working class people.
  20. Map Thread XX

    There’s a lot of little quirks present across the country. French almost always outpaced French Canadian as an ethnicity, except for in Androscoggin County, ME, and Cameron Parish, LA. The high rate of undecided/unreported responses seems to have a degree of influence in Appalachia, which has a...