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  1. WI: COVID-19 type pandemic 20 years earlier

    How would the emergence of a virus like SARS-CoV-2 in late 1999 and the resulting havoc across the globe have been different from the OTL pandemic? What would the disease have been called? Pathogen naming conventions were changed a few years before the COVID-19 outbreak, so it probably wouldn’t...
  2. AHC: Have Canada and the South switch places

    How could a scenario occur where Canada ends up joining the American Revolution while the South stays neutral/loyalist? Perhaps the colonies have a schism over regional issues like slavery (not sure how plausible that is at the time of the revolution) or the British try to repress the French...
  3. QGIS not displaying straight lines correctly in different projections

    Recently I've begun to mess around with QGIS for mapmaking, since it's a powerful program and is a useful tool despite the high learning curve. For my first QGIS map I am doing a greater United States map, which has been going mostly fine so far. However, I've run into a pretty big problem when...
  4. "Where have AH.commers been?" v2

    A while back, there was a thread where users could add to a collective map of their travels, which stemmed from a map I posted. That thread is long dead, so I figured I ought to make a new version. The rules are simple: copy the map into whatever program you prefer, and use the color code to add...
  5. The development of an American Canada

    How would Canada have developed differently if it was controlled by the United States for any reason (i.e. taking it in the War of 1812)? What would its culture be like? Population? What would the status and spread of French be?
  6. WI: Language reticence among American immigrants

    What if American society evolved in a way that all immigrant groups had a tradition of passing their language down to their children, all the way to the present time period? For one, I think that ethnic groups would remain very concentrated in certain areas. Many more areas would be very...
  7. WI: All of Ulster in Northern Ireland

    How would the development of Northern Ireland and Ireland change if, after Irish independence, all of Ulster remained British (meaning Monaghan, Cavan, and Donegal are not part of the Irish Free State)?
  8. Map collaboration: Where in America do ah.commers live and have traveled to?

    Just recently, I came up with an idea for a map collaboration for members of It's not alternate history, but it still involves maps- where in America have members of this site lived and traveled to? To participate, take the map, and fill in the counties according to the...
  9. AHC: Worst possible scenario with an Allied victory in WWII

    How could World War II gone as bad as possible for the Allies, but they are still able to win in some way?
  10. Most plausible scenario for a CP France and Allied Germany in WW1

    For my MotF entry, I plan to do a scenario where France is in the *Central Powers, and Germany is in the *Allies. What is a plausible scenario I can use to make this happen? Perhaps a French victory in the Franco-Prussian War or something like that?
  11. AHC: Nicest middle east possible

    With a POD after 1900, try and make the middle east as nice a place as possible.
  12. AHC: As many monarchies in Europe as possible

    In a timeline largely similar to ours (this means no Zollverein or anything), how many countries in Europe can be monarchies in the present day?
  13. DPKdebator's FMT #3: The Perfect Postwar Plan

    From the first one, but not really so much of the kooky, crazy, nuts, or just plain odd as it doesn't really match this Fun Map Time. What does DPKdebator want you to do this time around? Create a map showing an alternate post World War II plan for Germany. I'll start, with an image of the...
  14. Make China part of the Axis instead of Japan

    Until a few years before World War II, Germany still had friendly relations with China, however they abandoned them in favor of Japan. How plausible is it for China to be in the Axis instead of Japan, and how would said scenario play out?
  15. What is the latest possible POD for a powerful Ireland?

    I'm just sort of curious- what is the latest POD for an Ireland that allows it to become a major power?
  16. WI Microsoft releases Longhorn?

    How much would the computer world be affected if Microsoft released Windows Longhorn instead of Vista? Would it be popular, or would people hate it?
  17. DPKdebator's Map Challenge Contest #1- A New England

    Hello, hello, come one, come all! Come make a map, and have a ball! This is not a ripoff of MotF. It's something a little different, as contests will only be a week and the criteria is different. I challenge you to... Create a scenario with an independent New England, and its effects. A few...
  18. WI: France helps the Irish during the famine

    During the 1840's, Ireland was struck by a terrible famine, which nobody, especially the English, cared about, and the latter still took resources despite the famine. In a book I read on the famine, it said a group of delegates traveled to Paris to speak with the leaders of the...
  19. DPKdebator's FMT #2: Too Many Countries

    Hello mapmakers, I have yet another challenge for you! The goal is to Balkanize the world into various countries. There are a few rules, but they aren't the kind that want to make you throw a fit: 1. No removing countries created by someone. 2. You cannot Balkanize a tiny nation, i.e. Ireland...
  20. DPKdebator's FMT #1: Sir Wanks-a-lot

    Hello there, forum members! Although (atm) I'm new here, I'll be hosting a series of threads where you can post maps that are kooky, crazy, nuts, or just plain odd. For our first edition of DPKdebator's Fun Map Time, you'll be making maps with the following criteria: Take your favorite...