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  1. Xanthoc

    Weekly Flag Challenge #236 - POLL

    FLAG CHALLENGE #236 - Vexillum Monstrum Make a flag belonging to a nation run by monsters! We might be passed Halloween, but that doesn't mean the Spookiness has to end! November 11th is just October 42nd, after all. The nation in question can be something classic, like a vampire kingdom or a...
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    Red State: A Confederate Timeline by Xanthoc
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Prologue “The question I ask today is not an easy one. That question is this: what is the spirit of our nation? For one such as ours, this question is complicated, intricate, and at times impossible to answer, especially if one examines it from the perspective of our entire history. Even that...
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    Weekly Flag Challenge #183 POLL

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    Weekly Flag Challenge #177 POLL

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    Weekly Flag Challenge #175 POLL

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    Weekly Flag Challenge #174 POLL

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    Nation On A Hill: A Timeline by Xanthoc
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    "Allow me to tell you all a tale. I'm sure it's one we all know; but in times such as these, old tales have a way of being relevant. Isn't that what the good book is, after all? Old tales to help us through rough times? "Now let me take you back. Back a long, long, long time ago. When our...
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    Weekly Flag Challenge #167 POLL

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    Plausibility Check: Early Penicillin

    What could possibility be the earliest time penicilin or other forms of antibiotics could be discovered? My premise is for a TL that averts the Dark Ages, and instead we get a Renaissance-style boost in arts and sciences in a Roman/Persian Golden Age (still working out who ends up dominant based...
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    Weekly Flag Challenge #165 POLL

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    Flag Challenge #161 POLL

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    Flag Challenge #152 POLL

    FLAG CHALLENGE #152: Reich Dead Redemption The unthinkable has occured. The National Socialist German Reich under Führer Adolf Hitler, alongside his Axis allies, have won the Second World War. Now fastfoward to 2016, in which that Reich, and that Axis of Evil, has reformed. This is the...
  14. Xanthoc

    Alternate Sports Thread

    Well after failing to find a thread to post some althist ideas I had for sports, I figured a separate thread works well enough. So... I suppose this is just a shameless place to dump some of my rambles. Now then; in an alternate world, American Football, often called Gridiron Football or...
  15. Xanthoc

    WI: Mithraic Rome?

    Okay, here's something to ponder: could Mithraism ever become the dominant religion of Rome, much like Christianity did? Firstly, I'm not trying to continue the ludicrous argument that Mithraism was a threat to Christianity, merely that Christianity was, for a long time, a mystery cult that...
  16. Xanthoc

    Caesarion, Emperor of Rome?

    Alright, this one is an idea I've always been curious about; Might Caesarion, son of Cleopatra VII and (likely) Gaius Julius Caesar, have a shot at getting the upper hand on Augustus and becoming Emperor himself? Would he even want to be Emperor of Rome? Would good ol' Octavian have to die...
  17. Xanthoc

    TLIAW: Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag

    Alrighty, this little TLIAW is gonna be a quick history of a very different CSA; specifically, one where different individuals go to the The Montgomery Convention (either becaue of the death or delay of OTL participants [namely Davis]), and with a peace being declared after a longer war and...
  18. Xanthoc

    WI: 'Johnson's a Damn Good Tailor', or What if Johnson had gotten what he wanted?

    So, I'm almost positive this has been done before. Essentially I want to look at what would've happened if Johnson's plan for Reconstruction had gone through, and if he hadn't been impeached. Firstly; what is a good, realistic way this could be accomplished? First comes avoiding impeachment...
  19. Xanthoc

    The World Spins Madly On - An Alternate History Timeline

    "Woke up and wished that I was dead With an aching in my head I lay motionless in bed The night is here and the day is gone And the world spins madly on" ~"World Spins Madly On" by the Weepies Alright folks, time for the first official timeline to be done here by your pal Xanthoc. A good...