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  1. The Union Forever: A TL

    With all that's happening in the world, peaceful and utopian is what we need.
  2. What If - Finland had been prepared for the Winter War?

    As someone new to the thread, can I have a map of Europe (and maybe world) post-war? (or at current time in war?) How about a quick summary of politics?
  3. Photos from Alternate Worlds

    Knowing the USSR, they wouldn't let that stop them. It's not impossible so much as it is prohibitively expensive. You CAN dig insanely deep for foundations, after all.
  4. Pacific War Redux

    Please do post a link in this thread when the new one starts, though.
  5. Thunder over Blue Ridge.

    I would like to recommend getting rid of the Jawn Henry (the name is insulting to write). It didn't work well, and I've read that some of the basic principles were against the Chapelon/Porta simplicity ideals-it was too complex, and basically a lemon of a dead-end evolution. The same could be...
  6. Photos from Alternate Worlds

    But only to MAJOR theaters! Those two guys in the middle look like they're there because Dad told them to be, and they don't really know what's going on.
  7. Flag Thread IV

    I have five requests for things from anime (if you don't know what these are, don't worry): 1) A flag for the Silver Millenium 2) A flag for Crystal Tokyo 3) A flag for a Lovehammer/Crystal Tokyo hybrid 4) A flag for an Axis that goes away from the Zabis and turns...
  8. AHC/WI: The IJN attack a British not US Naval base?

    Supposedly, they took one look at a map and said NO.
  9. Proof Through The Night: WWII Draka Nukage

    Agreed. Here's an image of the last F-14 carrier takeoff from a similar angle for comparison.
  10. Proof Through The Night: WWII Draka Nukage

    Actually, I would like to hear about Gaynor's Remnant getting stomped. Not to mention the other story about rebuilding. I'd also like something from the Chinese or Indian front. The snakes slowly realizing that there's a massive offensive heading their way, with no end in sight.
  11. AHC: Building the Hong Kong Defense Force

    They did fight-it just wasn't publicized.
  12. Proof Through The Night: WWII Draka Nukage

    a) expands range requirements b) do YOU want to station your nukes on the territory of a state that might be unstable, and isn't totally under your thumb and allied to you?
  13. Proof Through The Night: WWII Draka Nukage

    alright, lets collaborate. ...just as soon as I finish these huge projects (currently an undergrad at university, a junior)
  14. Proof Through The Night: WWII Draka Nukage

    I was talking about helping you. :rolleyes: I'm not sure that I'm quite up to writing it on my own, and you are the original creator of this universe. I do have a good knowledge of the Tokyo rail system, though. :p
  15. Proof Through The Night: WWII Draka Nukage

    ...yeah. The IJN might have been somewhat stable, but the army? Oy. Just oy. Did you know that they both had their own nuclear research projects running semi-concurrently? :rolleyes: BTW-got the PM, and saw the notes above. Thanks a million. Might be able to help make something of them...
  16. Proof Through The Night: WWII Draka Nukage

    About what I was expecting-with the addition of some SSGNs-which is why I mention the I-400s; they're considered to be one of the primogenitors of that noble breed of ship. Likewise, I can see a fleet pretty much similar in some ways to what the USN looks like now-fleet carriers, ASW squads...
  17. Proof Through The Night: WWII Draka Nukage

    So that's- 1: Tibet 2: Uighurstan 3: Manchuria 4: Taiping Republic 5: Republic of China Five. Five wonderful states for Japan to dominate. Muahahahahahah! :D I'd also like to note that historically, the Draka were able to get away with such brutality at first because they were "just...
  18. Proof Through The Night: WWII Draka Nukage

    Besides, there's no way you can have a decent Cold War with Japan vs. US unless they control a decent chunk of China-not anywhere NEAR enough resources-they repeatedly drove themselves bankrupt trying to get anywhere close to US naval strength OTL.
  19. Proof Through The Night: WWII Draka Nukage

    Umm, I would have expected Japan to keep China, but return the Philippines,etc. Remember, they got half of China (split with the snakes) in the 20s here, and they were said to be launching a ground offensive against the Draka in Proof.
  20. Proof Through The Night: WWII Draka Nukage

    To clarify-the Draka had all of Central Asia and western China in the 20s. You can bet that they invaded the Soviet Siberian territories in the 40s. The only nation in any position to eliminate any of that would be Japan. The only possible exception would be Tibet-also borders India, but has...