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  1. Grey Wolf

    Scharnhorst joins Graf Spee at Montevideo

    This came from a fever dream this afternoon, so there's no background, I just woke up and it was what I had dreamt The Scharnhorst breaks out into the North Atlantic at the start of the war and when the Graf Spee puts into Montevideo, the Scharnhorst joins her there.
  2. Grey Wolf

    18th century land travel

    Despite lots of reading etc, I am still none the wiser what people DID to get between towns and cities - ride a horse with saddle bags - take a pony and trap - take the stage coach - get on a canal - take a coastal ship Now, I mean I KNOW they could in some circumstances have done all or any of...
  3. Grey Wolf

    Different transliterations

    I often wonder what happens if English translates how a word SOUNDS rather than how its spelling in another language makes it appear that it is supposed to sound. For example, what if Vodka was called BARTKA in English Or the animal was a SHAGWAR
  4. Grey Wolf

    France holds after Italy declares war 1940

    I think this has to go down as a CHALLENGE! It's from a dream last night, where France's defensive lines Normandy-Aquitaine and Lyons-Languedoc hold against the Germans, AFTER the Italians have declared war, allowing British ships to use Toulon as a base against the Italian navy. How could...
  5. Grey Wolf

    A non-federal German Empire in the 1800s

    The two most discussed types of Germany in the 19th century are basically federal empires - the German Empire that emerged after the Franco-Prussian War, or the abortive 1848 creation. In both, the local rulers retained local sovereign rule, passing on higher functions to an executive and...
  6. Grey Wolf

    Who rules Hungary if it becomes independent in early 19th century?

    AFAIK the main possibilities are usually seen as 1) A cadet branch of the Habsburgs 2) The Esterhazy line Or someone else? Are there cadet branches of other lines still going?
  7. Grey Wolf

    Nimitz lets the Japanese have Midway

    What if instead of setting his own trap for the Japanese, the choice of Nimitz is to not fall into THEIR trap by staying away from the island. The Japanese send out all their battle groups, and take the island... but there is no battle. What happens next?
  8. Grey Wolf

    Airship Transport Times?

    I am not familiar enough with how long airships of World War One and just after vintage took to reach places I know the L59 went from Germany to Bulgaria and then on as far as the Sudan before turning back, but not the timeframe it took to do this. I know it later bombed Naples from a Bulgarian...
  9. Grey Wolf

    Muslim Balkanisation in the Balkans, 1800+

    I am looking to do is to have the Balkans be, er, Balkanised by MUSLIM entities split off from the Ottomans, but acknowledging a vague relationship of suzerainty, like Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli and Egypt are doing in Africa. This can be mixed with Montenegro, of whatever size, and Ragusa. There...
  10. Grey Wolf

    Province of Quebec to the Ohio river?

    This seems to be a legal interpretation but was it ever a real one? How could it have turned into long-term reality and what would it have meant?
  11. Grey Wolf

    3-tier Imperial Parliament in London

    I was thinking that a third house, say call it the Imperial Senate, could be established alongside the Commons and the Lords The exact make-up would be either one delegate from each dominion, or crown colony, or whatever the criteria is. Or it would be based on population, but I can't really...
  12. Grey Wolf

    A time of Emperors

    At the start of the 19th century the idea that if you have an empire, especially one encompassing multiple kingdoms, you should bear the title Emperor? e.g. Britain is a multiple kingdom (Great Britain and Ireland, where Great Britain is a union of the kingdoms and Scotland and England, where...
  13. Grey Wolf

    No UNITED States instead Colonies move to independence?

    The original states of the USA had all been autonomous colonies, many with claims Westward, and many with competing claims. If Britain avoids an independence war, what route is there to have them become independent as separate colonies? Connecticut for example claimed the land Westwards of...
  14. Grey Wolf

    Canada annex Massachussetts?

    The idea of Canada came from the British taking over French colonies in succession and then slowly unifying them Could part of this process have been to also unify with the Massachusetts colony, the most further North established British one, so as to give it a sort of anchor?
  15. Grey Wolf

    British Argentine 19th century

    Let's say that Britain acquires OTL Argentina and maybe Araucania at the start of the 19th century - I don't want to discuss the POD etc, so it can be the Buenos Aires invasion turns into conquest or whatever. But I do want to discuss 1) British immigration 2) Other nationalities immigration...
  16. Grey Wolf

    ATL British Manpower Question

    The POD is in 1660 but I don't see the point in putting this question in pre-1900 as it's about manpower in say 1912 The basic idea is a world war with on one side:- Russia, pretty much OTL but minus Warsaw and Finland, but plus Afghanistan and Korea as protectorates, and having annexed...
  17. Grey Wolf

    Good places for alternate towns/cities in England

    I've studied the development of cities, especially in the 19th century, and how many places that were quite small suddenly became much larger, either through new industry, or the development of several villages into townships that then merged into a city I was wondering, where in England other...
  18. Grey Wolf

    Bluetooth, Hotpants and Brownale

    Inspired by my friend who only today learnt the origin of Bluetooth, and said he just thought it was a cool word before What if Hotpants and Brownale were also techie talk? "We've gotta hotpants this!" "I'm gonna try a brownale now, before I reboot it" Words are just words.
  19. Grey Wolf

    What would a Government Seneschal be?

    I have accidentally created the post of Government Seneschal for my alternate (diverging mid 17th century) Britain in 1920. I intended the guy to be a representative of the law, but not necessarily a member of cabinet How would this post be created and what would its historical evolution have...
  20. Grey Wolf

    A King for California

    If the first Mexican Empire was able to hold together, and the idea of the new South American states being monarchies caught on, I have this idea in my head that later California might secede, or "be seceded" and become a monarchy. Were there Alto Californians of any standing who could have...