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  1. ETGalaxy

    How would the lack of an American Revolution impact the French?

    I remember that I posted a thread asking a similar question a few years ago when I was starting to write my TL "Dreams of Liberty", which is about the US losing the ARW in mid-1777 without any French intervention. The conclusion that I reached after reading through comments in the thread is that...
  2. ETGalaxy

    How would you punish the rebel leadership after the American Civil War

    On top of trying all former Confederate leadership within both the apparatus of state and armed forces for treason, I'd sweeten the deal by redistributing land and wealth held by wealthy ex-Confederates over to freedmen and poor Southerners in order to jumpstart the process of reconstruction. Of...
  3. ETGalaxy

    Man-Made Hell: The History of the Great War and Beyond

    As @generalurist pointed out, Iran isn't really in a position to pressure the British into not forming an independent Kurdistan in the 1920s. Yep, this is a very different Middle East compared to what we got in OTL. This can all more or less be attributed to a different defeat of the Ottoman...
  4. ETGalaxy

    Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

    I want to say that Home of the Brave's revised version of the Second American Civil War has already been released, but AFAIK they're still working on the France stuff. A handful of focus trees for France have been posted on their subreddit.
  5. ETGalaxy

    The Proletarian Presidents: The Graphical History of a Socialist America

    Oh yeah, I remember those! I'm glad you find the scenario interesting! There will certainly be some focus on mistakes made by the CC going into the mid-20th Century, although IMO I think what people will regard as downsides is very much subjective. In my personal opinion, I consider the CCA's...
  6. ETGalaxy

    The Proletarian Presidents: The Graphical History of a Socialist America

    Yes it is. The Progressive Party gradually declined during the Olson administration due to the Populists absorbing the vast majority of their base and the implementation of capitalist economic policies becoming increasingly unlikely once America enters its third decade as a socialist republic...
  7. ETGalaxy

    The Proletarian Presidents: The Graphical History of a Socialist America

    There wasn't substantial emigration outside of American business owners and other corporate executives, and this is mostly because the Second American Revolution was relatively short and bloodless (that's not to say that there wasn't any violence, however, there was no bloody "Second American...
  8. ETGalaxy

    Man-Made Hell: The History of the Great War and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Interlude Twelve: Scrapped Content

    Hello everyone! Chapter Thirteen is coming along smoothly, so expect it to be released either in late July or early August. In the meantime, awhile back I mentioned that I'd be interested in posting some scrapped ideas for the TL, and I thought now would be a good time to post some of these...
  9. ETGalaxy

    Dreams of Liberty: A Failure At Princeton

    Because the Cape Colony is never annexed by the British ITTL, no, the Boers as we know them never existed. With that being said, the Dutch-descended residents of the Cape and later independent United Dominion of Riebeeckia are culturally very similar to the Boers of OTL, and a number of OTL...
  10. ETGalaxy

    Man-Made Hell: The History of the Great War and Beyond

    The plan was originally to give Poland everything east of the Oder, with the exception of East Prussia, once the Soviets won the Battle of Berlin, however, now that the Germans are pushing towards Poland and this territory is at risk of invasion, the Russians don't view the integration of this...
  11. ETGalaxy

    Man-Made Hell: The History of the Great War and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Interlude Eleven: Europe Circa November 1929

    Here's two versions of the same map of Europe circa November 1929 (the end of Phase Two) that I quickly whipped up over the last few days: Europe circa November 1929 (with film static) Europe circa November 1929 (without film static)
  12. ETGalaxy

    Map Thread XX

    The thread for my TL explains this much more thoroughly than anything I can post here could, but the short answer is basically that the "Mutapa Empire" portrayed here isn't the OTL Mutapa but rather an HRE-esque feudal state formed by the Rozvi Empire in the early 19th Century via defeating...
  13. ETGalaxy

    Dreams of Liberty: A Failure At Princeton

    Even in a TL where they are born in a completely different country, some people never change. The main reasoning for this is that there is a significant factions of Revolutionary Burrites who support the abolition of the Native African absolute monarchies in favor of various replacement...
  14. ETGalaxy

    Map Thread XX

    Oh, I see. The name is a reference to this historical French colony in Brazil: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/France_Antarctique The Riebeeckian province of Antarctica is created by settlers descended from Huguenots who have returned to the French culture of their ancestors, hence why they go...
  15. ETGalaxy

    These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

    I’m really fascinated by the concept of the Aboriginal Parliament. Is it a legislature dedicated exclusively to the management of policy within Aboriginal territories whereas the Australian Parliament manages policy elsewhere? Are national affairs, such as the armed forces and foreign policy...
  16. ETGalaxy

    Dreams of Liberty: A Failure At Princeton

    The focus for the next few chapters will be on the Equatorial Revolutionary War, so aside from Southeast Asia, none of those regions will be the focus of an update anytime soon. With that being said, however, I plan to hop over to Russia after I’m done with the ERW, so Scandinavia and Central...
  17. ETGalaxy

    Map Thread XX

    Yep, Riebeeckia stems from the Dutch Cape Colony.
  18. ETGalaxy

    Map Thread XX

    Crosspost from my TL "Dreams of Liberty: A Failure at Princeton": Long story short, the United Dominion of Riebeeckia, a vassal of of the Germanic Empire (formed from the unification of Hanover, the Netherlands, and a handful of smaller northeastern German minor states), has collapsed into a...
  19. ETGalaxy

    Dreams of Liberty: A Failure At Princeton
    Threadmarks: Map of the United Dominion of Riebeeckia Circa 1859