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  1. ennobee

    What other countries could rewrite their history with a 'Lost Cause Mythos' akin to the (Southern) US

    As the tin says: one generation after the American Civil War (Yes. That's post-1900. That's why I'm posting in this forum) the Southern states began propagating the 'Lost Cause': the idea that the soldiers of the Confederacy were not traitors nor rebels but well-meaning patriots morally at least...
  2. ennobee

    WI/AHC An islamist Bagwan/rev.Moon like cult in the 70's, 80's

    The 1970's and 1980's saw a rise in popularity for non-christian spirituality. Several actors and writers embracing Buddhism was one aspect of this, the rise of various 'asian' sects like the Hare Krishna and Bhagwan movements or the cult of Rev. Moon was another. Ripples of this still...
  3. ennobee

    The most likely time for a post WWII military coup in a Western country?

    If you disregard the situation in the states of the Warsaw Pact, and also the Franco-dictatorship in Spain (as it started before WWII), the only time a Western country had its government overthrown by the military was the 'Rule of the Generals' in Greece from 1967 to 1974. Still, popular culture...
  4. ennobee

    WI: Dreadnaughts and hoovers, other famous firsts give their name to a class

    In an earlier thread ( ) there was a question on what else common objects or appliances be called. For instance If Samuel Langley's 'Aerodrome' would have been more successful, airplanes would now be called airdromes. This got...