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  1. marathag

    AVRO Delta Fighter

    1951, Test Planes were made to examine flight performance of the Vulcan Bomber Delta Wing So WI, these developed more for a longer range Interceptor than the E.E. Lightning as an entry of ER.163, but examples in service before the '57 White Paper Just the thing for the Red Arrows to fly
  2. marathag

    Info: the Hall M1819 Breech Loading Rifle

    Courtesy of Gun Jesus Ian explains how John Hall was the first to do real interchangeable parts in manufacturing. For What-If content, Hall gets his design sold in Europe, for a fast firing, accurate breechloader before the Minie projectile, as well as true interchangeability
  3. marathag

    INFO: _The Last Bomb_ 1945 documentary on B-29 raids to Japan

    B-29 raid from Guam, Tinian and Saipan
  4. marathag

    A Better Pike

    UnderSecretary of State for War, Lord Croft, had an idea that the Home Guard should be armed with 250,000 pikes of steel tubing and surplus sword bayonets, saying that would be an ideal weapon for close combat battle with the Nazis when they invade What if he put another 2 minutes of thought...
  5. marathag


    In the UK , Chicken was not a popular source of Meat in the first part of the 20th Century, only increasing during the War as an Emergency solution during the War, where Chicks could be purchased ,and raised to Chickens for their Eggs in backyards and Commons in homemade coops. But eating...
  6. marathag

    Lockheed A-12 as a Sat lofter

    During the A-12 Oxcart program development, Lockheed and various Intelligence Agencies looked into using the new Aircraft to put small spysats in orbit, via a belly launched Polaris missile Not carried on with, as the NRO had their new Keyhole spysats in the works that could send back...
  7. marathag

    Spot the Jet powered Slug

    Two different Nations requested that that a new Fighter be developed to use the new turbojet designs, that would allow a single engine aircraft, rather than the initial low powered twin turbojet design. Both designs started during WWII, before 1945. One had it's first flight in Spring, 1945...
  8. marathag

    More British light Armor in early WWII

    Ceme across this From the El Alamein Military Museum. So, how did this armored oddity come about, and what could for example, the BEF do with these in France, for mobile AT? Has a bit more punch than the Mk VI light.
  9. marathag

    Improved M4 made before D-Day

    an offshoot of the T-34 award winning US Tank thread In July 1943, the Ordnance Department requested the T23E3 and the T20E3 be standardized as the M27 and M27B1 . However, was rejected by AGF. McNair strikes again, despite General Devers pushing hard for the T23E3. Even getting the T23...