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  1. Alternate warships of nations

    In 1910 the two ex Chilean battleships HMS Swiftsure and Triumph are palmed off on sold to Canada as training ships. For political reasons the new RCN classifies the two ships as large cruisers.
  2. Alternate warships of nations

    The Russians found out the hard way that just because French designers were innovative it didn't mean their ideas were any good.
  3. What if the Royal Navy totally destroyed the German fleet at Jutland?

    Trying to move into the Baltic is, I think, about as likely as using now surplus units of the Grand Fleet to make another attempt to break into the Black Sea.
  4. Alternate warships of nations

    In the 1890's the US navy is looking to develop beyond being a coastal defence force and initially looks to France for inspiration as many are still warry about Britain.
  5. Alternate warships of nations

    The South Carolina's must have been horribly cramped ships squeezing in 4 super firing 2 x 12" turrets and large triple expansion coal burning engines into 16000 tons.
  6. Joseph Stilwell sent to Africa and Europe?

    Churchill gets on the phone to Washington and tells them that either they recall him or Britain will deport him.
  7. Alternate warships of nations

    The Nassau's were according to Wiki (yes I know not reliable) built as a response to the Lord Nelsons not Dreadnought so would have been built anyway.
  8. Alternate warships of nations

    The German Nassau class battleships are generally classed as Dreadnoughts though they used triple expansion engines and had a designed speed of 19 knots. (They could actually do slightly over 20)
  9. Alternate warships of nations

    Japan beats Britain to the punch with the all big gun battleship.
  10. Black version of Apartheid or Jim Crow

    Compared to some of the things that have gone on between tribes in post colonial Africa Jim Crow would seem like a paradise to the victims. As for how the rest of world reacts? Without outright massacres I doubt the world notices.
  11. What if the Royal Navy totally destroyed the German fleet at Jutland?

    If Germany invades Denmark then Britain is going to land troops to protect Norway from German aggression, whether the Norwegian government agrees or not.
  12. Alternate warships of nations

    The three improved Admirals (and they would have a separate class name)should, like Hood be complete and entering service before the Washington conference begins. They would of course be retained but in exchange Tiger and 2 of the retained 13.5" Battleships would be scrapped.
  13. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    Sufficient explosives would be turning Greece into another Atlantis, and using excessive explosives would take the rest of the Balkans with it.
  14. Alternate warships of nations

    2009 The Royal Fleet Auxiliary converts a containership to replace the RFA Argus as an aviation training ship and serve as a back up to the LHA HMS Ocean.
  15. Alternate warships of nations

    To lock on to a mooring buoy.
  16. Alternate warships of nations

    Here's one of the second type built on a tanker rather than grain carrier hull. The biggest difference between the two types is that the grain carrier MACs had a small hanger deck.
  17. Alternate warships of nations

    It's one of the Merchant Aircraft Carriers.
  18. Alternate warships of nations

    1928 The trade protection aircraft carrier HMS Whitechapel on her builders trials. Her diesel engines give her a lot of trouble throughout her 15 years service.