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  1. WI: U.S. war with Spain over the latter rescinding U.S. Mississippi River navigation & trade rights?

    Reading up on the Louisiana Purchase led me to this passage on Wikipedia: How might this have led to war?
  2. General Discussion: Switzerland in the Nineteenth Century

    An exchange in a thread discussing constitutional reform in the United States during the 1860s go me thinking about all of the myriad events in Swiss history during the nineteenth century, and the numerous ways in which things may have progressed differently. The country began the century as...
  3. WI: Prussia does not annex Nassau?

    The Duchy of Nassau was a German state whose last ruler ended up becoming Grand Duke of Luxembourg. What happens if the Duchy of Nassau is not annexed to Prussia?
  4. WI: Leuchtenberg Greece?

    Upon the deposition of the first monarch to rule Greece post-independence, the childless Otto of Bavaria, the Great Powers were divided as to who should rule Greece. Many Greeks themselves apparently wanted Prince Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, a son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert...
  5. More diversity in titles for republican heads of state?

    Republics throughout history have featured heads of states with various titles, but starting from the United States, "president" gradually became the norm. I would argue though that this fairly universal trend really only starts with the French second republic, as theirs was not a presidential...
  6. What would the lack of a July Monarchy have meant for the Belgian Revolution?

    The summer of 1830 was a doozy. The French monarchy fell in July, to be replaced by the more liberal Orleanist kingdom, and not long after, the Catholic provinces of the Netherlands were in rebellion. Assuming the former being avoided does not prevent the latter, what becomes of Belgium? Does it...
  7. Adelsverein somewhere other than Texas?

    Could the Adelsverein and the efforts around it have taken place elsewhere if for some reason Texas was uninterested or unavailable? What might the repercussions be?
  8. WI: Edmund Gaines instead of Andrew Jackson
    Threadmarks: andrew jackson; War of 1812; Black Hawk War; 1824 U.S. presidential election; 1828 U.S. presidential election; Indian Removal; Jacksonian democracy

    A contemporary, and sometimes competitor, of Andrew Jackson, Edmund Gaines was a major general in the U.S. Army who saw battle in many of the same theaters as the better known Jackson. Interestingly, Gaines opposed Indian Removal. How might one get Gaines into the White House instead of Jackson...
  9. WI: The Deputies Do Their Diligence?

    Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, nephew and step grandson of Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, served as the first President of France, and was the only president elected in the second republic, because he would goon to abolish it in favor of a second empire. Suppose though that either the 1849...
  10. Post 1800 Nationalist ideologies in the Fertile Crescent and Levant?

    Suppose the Ottoman Empire meet its end earlier, could something other than pan-Arabism emerge as the dominant nationalist current in the Levant and FertileCrescent, like Phoenicianism in Lebanon?
  11. Fate of New Caledonia if not annexed to France in 1853?

    What alternatives were there had Napoleon III not annexed the island(s), and what might it mean for the New Hebrides, modern Vanuatu too?
  12. AH Challenge: Cyprus as a U.S. state

    In our timeline, Cyprus is the only true presidential republic in the European Union, and, arguably, the European space more generally. I'm putting this in after 1900, but with any POD after 1789, make Cyprus a U.S. state by and in 2020.
  13. WI: The Veneto joins the Cisalpine Republic in 1797?

    When Revolutionary France brought the Republic of Venice to its end, Napoleon, against the wishes of the leadership in Paris, carried forward with negotiations to surrender everything east of the Adige to Austria while the provisional government in Venice voted in favor of joining the Cisalpine...
  14. WI: Maori ruled British client kingdom in New Zealand?

    The Maori King movement is a small effort today to get a Maori monarch for New Zealand. The idea though of a client, unified Maori monarchy ruling New Zealand )or just the North Island) under British "protection" dates to the first British resident minister to the archipelago James Busby...
  15. WI: Napoleon marries Désirée Clary?

    Prior to marrying Josephine, Napoleon was engaged to Désirée Clary, who later instead married Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, bearing him a son, and later becoming queen consort of Sweden. What if Napoleon had married her instead of Josephine?
  16. WI: Muhammad Ali Pasha supported by Great Power(s) in his wars with the Ottomans?

    Born in what is today Greece to an Albanian family, Muhammad Ali takes advantage of chaos in Egypt to install himself and his descendants there as rulers of Egypt under nominal Ottoman auspices. He would go on to wage two separate wars against the Ottoman Empire, and both times saw his efforts...
  17. Discussion: Napoleon's early demise

    There were multiple attempts on the life of Napoleon Bonaparte historically, all of which failed, but each of which might have had interesting consequences. Which attempt was the most plausible and/or the most consequential, and why?
  18. King Leopold I of.....Greece?

    Though I think he would have opted to reign under the name George, the man who would become Belgium's first king in OTL was offered previously, and passed on the throne that went to Otto of Bavaria. Suppose Leopold had become King of Greece, does he fare better than Otto did, and what becomes of...
  19. Effects on Napoleon's Plans in Europe if the Quasi-War Turns Hot

    In OTL, during the presidency of John Adams, the U.S. was involved in naval skirmishing with the French that could have effectively made the U.S. party to the War of the Second Coalition. Assuming Adams takes the country to war, and the Americans successfully secure what would have been the...
  20. Consequences for Europe of Napoleon accepting the Frankfurt Memorandum?

    At the Congress of Vienna, much of the focus in our timeline of putting Europe back together was on awarding to one state or another ares the French had gained in the preceding fifty years or so. It occurred to me looking at another thread though that the map might be very different the postwar...