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  1. The Otsu Debacle: WI Tsesaravich Nicholas of Russia assasinated in Japan in 1891

    What if the Otsu Incident goes badly and the heir to the Russian throne is murdered in Japan. No Tsar Nicholas II and a very angry Alexander III. Any ideas for what happens next?
  2. AHC/WI: Judenzählung (Imperial German Army Jewish Census) handled honestly.

    The Judenzählung was a cenus designed to back up anti-Semitic prejudice in Imperial Germany, i.e. The Jewish community was under represented in the Army and over represented elsewhere. When the census proved the opposite, its findings were suppressed. What would happen if the results were made...
  3. DBWI: Football never adopts "No harm no foul."

    As we all know, some of the performances some footballers used to make after being tackled were embarassing to watch. What would football be like today if footballers could still get disciplined for hard tackles even if there was no injury or intent to injure?
  4. DBWI: No movie based on "Bohemian Rhapsody"

    2000. A new millenium, and the 30th Anniversary of the founding of Queen, and the release of the musical based on their classic song, a tale of bad luck, worse decisions, and living with the consequences. Also the progenitor of thousands of terrible films based on the same premise.
  5. WI: Easter 1916 handled by the book.

    Based on an idea in This Thread. A less heavy handed approach to the aftermath of the Easter Rising in 1916, specifically following the letter of the law in conducting the trials/courts martial. IOTL the proceedings were in secret, without any defence, and there were officers on the panel who...
  6. AHC & WI: Robert E Howard doesn't commit suicide in 1936.

    Exactly what it ways on the tin. There were various personal factors that led to Robert E Howard of Conan the Barbarian fame to take his own life. What would pop culture look like if Howard continued to write? Would we see the early beginnings of the weird western? How would the war affect his...
  7. 1930s Royal Navy Sanity options

    Following the theme of these threads:
  8. WI: 1711 Quebec Expedition never abandoned.

    IOTL the expedition was abandoned due to the loss of most of the troop convoy in a navigation accident on the St Lawrence river. If this disaster is somehow averted (more involvemnt with the Flagship's Sailing Master in the discussion between the Admiral and the pilots?) and the expedition goes...
  9. DBWI: No Flashman TV Series with Dominic West

    It's been 25 years since the BBC adaptation of Tom Brown's schooldays aired. 25 years since the young Dominic West's performance as the country's favourite bounder the interest of George MacDonald Fraser and finally gave the character and the series the pop culture icon it deserved. It prompted...
  10. Plausibility check: ASW and AEW airships.

    Leaving aside the political factors for the moment, would it have been technically feasible to use airships for anti submarine warfare during world war II? On a similar note, was there an aircraft detection set small and durable enough for airships to be used in to detect incoming aircraft.
  11. WI: Aussie Osbourne

    If Ozzy Osbourne's family move to Australia when he's say, 5, how does this affect the music industry?:D
  12. Historical misconceptions within your own timeline.

    As we all know there are many misconceptions about historical events etc, like this list: The purpose of this thread is to think from the perspective of someone within your own timeline, and think of what common...
  13. American Quilt collaborative TL proposal.

    Found this on I09 the other day. The PoD is that the Articles of Confederation never get replaced and the US slowly drifts apart. There is some other fun stuff about currency and pop culture but very little in the way of hard "facts" which works to the advantage of anyone who's interested...
  14. 75 millimetre HESH question.

    A question for gun experts. How effective would a 75 mm HESH round be against later war era (Panther and Tiger tanks)?
  15. WI: Reliable Ross Rifles.

    A follow on from my AHC earlier this year (see link) The PoD is below (the year is 1911) How do you think this will affect Canada and WWI in general? What will the effects be afterwards?
  16. AHC & WI: Reliable Ross Rifles The Ross Rifle was a very unreliable design due to a variety of factors. The challenge is to have a reliable version see front line service in WWI then work on the effects on the Canadian armaments industry from then onwards.
  17. WI: Burma Road opens a year early

    How does this affect the war effort for Chiang and Post War China?
  18. WI: No Royal Air Force

    Today is the anniversary of the formation of the RAF. How would things be different if Britain never had an independent Air Force?
  19. PC/WI: D-Day (The Brittany Landings).

    Aircover not withstanding, What chance does a full scale amphibious assault in Brittany have of success either before or after the landings themselves in early-mid 1944?
  20. AHC: "Nucky" Powell British Kingpin.

    Exactly what it says on the tin. By any means necessary, make Enoch Powell a major figure in British organised crime.