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  1. Broad Consequences of a Napoleonic World

    Depends on your actual POD.
  2. Proposals and War Aims That Didn't Happen Map Thread

    This was recently the featured article on Wikipedia.
  3. The Reform Party: 20 Years of History

    That Reform Party has so many contradictory internal factions.
  4. Kentucky Fried Politics: A Colonel Sanders Timeline

    Nice to see Wes Studi get the attention he deserves.
  5. WI: A surviving Mount Lebanon Emirate?

    I was thinking that the Chehabs had died out in the male line after their OTL fall from power.
  6. Whigs who supported the annexing all of Mexico?

    To me, there was a logic to the OTL Mexican cession.
  7. Q-Bam Historical Map Thread

    This map by Endy and Sharklord among others might be of use to you.
  8. Q-Bam Historical Map Thread

    Why does your Deseret border cross the Rio Grande instead of running west of it?
  9. Whigs who supported the annexing all of Mexico?

    There is literally no reason why an anglophile, avowedly protestant party would have supported annexing all of Mexico.
  10. Why do some believe the Ottomans are a continuation of the Roman Empire?

    Orientalism, possession of the Queen of Cities, and Ottoman adoption of some Byzantine customs and practices including the patriarchate, and sultans occasionally styling themselves as Kaysar i Rum.
  11. What if FDR died a year earlier?

    And if Wallace has a Rustbelt running mate, it further helps him.
  12. Non - Prussian Dominated German Empire

    I meant something different. I was thinking Napoleon or France otherwise during the wars expanding Hannover at least partially at Prussian expense or in a way that perturbs Prussia so as to cause frictions among potential/actual French adversaries. Then, subsequently, Greater Hannover defeats...
  13. AHC: Sanity options for Haiti

    Do we think that a monarchy would have been proclaimed in Haiti had Napoleon not declared himself to be a monarch?
  14. Rapprochement between Berlin, Vienna and St. Petersburg prior to WWI

    There were efforts in the summer of 1914 toward organizing a mutual security agreement between the U.S., the U.K., and Germany...
  15. Non - Prussian Dominated German Empire

    What about a French revolution scenario where, in order to woo Britain/destroy its relationship with Prussia, Hanover is able to rapidly expand. Then, perhaps it later consolidates its position conquering tor subduing the other German states
  16. AHC: Sanity options for Haiti

    I think I recall @Crazy Boris expressing interest in doing a Haiti TL. He may have some useful insights here.
  17. AHCWI: Milanese Italy

    I think that there are several ways of doing this.
  18. WI: Millard Fillmore lives to 1897?

    Maybe he runs again.
  19. What if FDR died a year earlier?

    And why wouldn't Wallace similarly exploit FDR's demise for political advantage?
  20. Kentucky Fried Politics: A Colonel Sanders Timeline

    Congrats on the new job. Stellar update also.