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  1. Basileus444

    An Age of Miracles Continues: The Empire of Rhomania
    Threadmarks: Mount Yosifon

    Previously on An Age of Miracles: Lots of Things The old thread was locked because of its length so here is the continuation thread. Starting off with responses to the last batch of posts. HanEmpire: It is the Negus; I’m using his title as shorthand. Iskandar is a top-tier general, probably...
  2. Basileus444

    Royal Navy takes heavier losses at Jutland

    The British suffered some near misses from torpedoes at Jutland that could have been quite painful. The POD is that Lady Luck is not so kind to the British and the near misses turn into hits. / List of near-misses for British at Jutland: / 1) Torpedo hit but did not explode on Revenge...
  3. Basileus444

    Great Britain attacks Russia in 1801

    What would happen if Tsar Paul had been overthrown and killed a bit later than OTL, long enough for the British fleet under Parker and Nelson to perform a Copenhagen on the Russian Baltic fleet?
  4. Basileus444

    Blucher killed at Auerstedt

    I was looking at the post-1900 forum and misread the thread title about no (Justin) Bieber as no Blucher. So I was wondering, if Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher is killed at the battle of Auerstedt, how does that affect the future course of the Napoleonic Wars and Prussia?
  5. Basileus444

    No Admiral Tirpitz

    What would be the best way to keep Friedrich von Hollmann as State Secretary of the German Imperial Naval Office (and keeping Tirpitz out), and what would the effects be? For starters, Hollmann was a lot less of an Anglophobe than Tirpitz, and his preference for long-range cruiser squadrons...
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    Japan and US go to war in 1913

    I was reading about how there were anti-American demonstrations in Japan in 1913 in reaction against California legislation forbidding aliens who couldn't become citizens to own real property, and that Wilson was advised to move the USN to the west coast. Is it possible for the US and Japan to...
  7. Basileus444

    Byzantines vs. Mongols

    Since this forum seems to have a thing pitting Romans and Mongols against each other, I was wondering what people think of this setup: The Byzantine Empire of 1025 never collapses, and retains the organization, territory, and army of that time period into the 1200s (adjusting for technological...
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    20th Century Greek Anatolia

    This scenario of mine came up in the 'When does Turkish Anatolia become irreversible' thread in pre-1900. One of the posters said 1923, in that a Greek victory in the Greco-Turkish war could result (after much ethnic cleansing admittedly) in a Greek Anatolia. I was thinking about if there was...
  9. Basileus444

    Chinese State in Australia

    I was wondering, from people who know more about China and Australia than I do (which isn't saying much), how a Chinese colonization of Australia would look. I am aware that the Chinese aren't into colonization. But for the purposes of this thread, please assume that Chinese refugees from...
  10. Basileus444

    Trans-Atlantic Butterflies

    I apologize if this has been done before and if this is the wrong forum, but I was wondering the board's view of trans-atlantic butterflies. I'll illustrate what I mean by that with an example. Say there is a POD in twelfth century Italy. The butterflies fly out, and Eurasia/Africa looks...
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    A Khan in Constantinople

    Chalcedon, 1170 CE: Nikolaios Bryennios glanced out at the calm waters of the Marmara. Gently its waves lapped against the shore, accompanied by the call of seagulls. Offshore two Venetian galleys lazily beat their way toward Constantinople, the Queen of Cities. It was a magnificent sight...
  12. Basileus444

    Mecca captured by Christians

    How would Islam react if Mecca was captured by a Christian army sometime post-1000? Would there be any difference in the Islam reaction if the Byzantine Empire took it compared to Latin crusaders?
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    The Revival of Rhomaion: An Age of Miracles

    Link to discussion thread: An Age of Miracles The Revival of Rhomaion Part 1: 1204-1403 An Age of Miracles “Blessed are we above all men, for we live in an age of miracles,”-John XII Cosmas, Patriarch of Constantinople, August 29, 1300. 1204: Constantinople, the richest and...
  14. Basileus444

    Industrialization, but not Democracy or Nationalism

    Is it possible to have the technological developments of the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions (although not necessarily as a revolution but as a slower shift) but without the social changes? Is it feasible to have industrialization but not the rise of democracy and nationalism? If so, what...
  15. Basileus444

    Byzantines versus Mongols

    Inspired by the (classical) Romans vs. Mongol thread, I pose the following questions, how would the Byzantine Empire fare against the Mongols? To help frame the discussion, I posit the following scenario: The Macedonian dynasty does not die out in the Byzantine Empire, but is still in...
  16. Basileus444

    Favorite Byzantine Emperor

    Who is your favorite Byzantine Emperor (330-1453)? Not who you think was the best emperor, but who you like the most personally.
  17. Basileus444

    An Age of Miracles: The Revival of Rhomanion

    "Blessed are we above all men, for we live in an age of miracles." - John XII Cosmas, Patriarch of Constantinople, August 29, 1300 Hello everyone. I've had an alternate history idea rolling around in my head for a while and I've decided to make a timeline. There are two main points of...