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  1. Ships for sale/Spare naval construction capacity in 1912

    The UK had the capacity, its why they were building the ships for Turkey and Chile and Japan (the 1st Kongo), as for what you need, how much you willing to spend is the issue as the UK can build you anything from a tugboat to a dreadnought.
  2. Alternate German naval buildup question thread.

    Does Germany have: Experience with naval battles at a distance from home (read as: that the ships involved have to have sailed further from home than their onboard fuel supplies could carry them), so that the Germany navy can learn how to support such forces anywhere in the world? - None, the...
  3. A Better Rifle at Halloween

    The Kongo analogue is the HMS Tiger, the Nagato's though were very good designs but at the time they were made the RN didn't know about the IJN or USN working on the 16-inch gun. Its probably what helped provoke the RN going up to 18-inch rifles with its post war designs.
  4. A Better Rifle at Halloween

    Yeah the QE's the Canadians might have bought were a slightly improved design, not really changing much but mostly re-sighting their 6-inch batteries up to the superstructure so they'd not be washed out in rough seas.
  5. A Better Rifle at Halloween

    Basically pre WW1 there was the idea that the Canadians were going to fund the construction of 3 Queen Elisabeth class battleships - but the bill was hugely expensive (35 mil) and because everything would have been built abroad it wouldn't have...
  6. A Better Rifle at Halloween

    IIRC the minsiter for production was Lloyd George and to get shells in the numbers needed, they really skimped on quality control. The RN also had issues with its fuses and that was with the pre-war stocks too.
  7. A Better Rifle at Halloween

    The R's were not bad ships, their problem was that they had zero growth margins in them and so what you had is pretty much what you're going to get and there's not much way of altering that, in essence their design was a fixed one and because of that and because they had so little room for...
  8. A Better Rifle at Halloween

    That could be a can of worms on its own the differences between the Dreyer system and the more advanced Pollen system with its Argo clock which is an early computer, kind of like the Ludgate device but not as capable. I'd say that if Scott's been given carte blanche to get the gunnery up to...
  9. Strongest Mongolia possible for 2000.

    Aye but to get it stronger you'd probably need to go back quite some way, basically the problem is 1 - The people until fairly recently were largely nomadic and city populations were low 2 - These largely nomadic people had smaller family sizes as they could only support what they had due to a...
  10. A Better Rifle at Halloween

    Aye that's what I was thinking. This would give the RN a fleet of 6 QE's and say 4 Renown types by around 1917, of course any losses at Jutland would highlight the issue with thin armour and the Renowns only have a 6-inch belt, so they'll still be the Refit and Repair class but hopefully changes...
  11. A Better Rifle at Halloween

    Fisher is still at the Admiralty, if he's able to point at a victory like the Falklands and the Battle of Heligoland Bight as vindication of the Battlecruiser concept (which it basically was in their real intended role of hunting down armoured cruisers and light cruisers) and with new support...
  12. A Better Rifle at Halloween

    An Improved QE would probably be along the lines of what the Canadians were meant to build. They re-sighted the 6-inch guns so they'd not be washed out by the sea, and then you could do an AON thing with them, the QE's had a 13-inch thick main belt but it was a rather thin and short strip...
  13. A Better Rifle at Halloween

    Ya welcome :) Something like the J3 with All or Nothing might be a good 'heavy Admiral' type ship.
  14. A Better Rifle at Halloween

    Well there's the ever popular Design Y which is more a proto-Hood Dimensions: 207,3m (pp) x 29,3m x 8,84m Displacement: 31.350tons standard Engine: 108.000shp Steam Turbines, 4 shafts Maximum Speed: 56km/h (30knots) Armour: 279mm (10 inches) Belt, 64mm Deck Armaments: 4x2 15" (381mm) Cannons...
  15. A Better Rifle at Halloween

    Same, for smaller numbers of troops who need a lot of firepower basically.
  16. Strongest Mongolia possible for 2000.

    Aye but again how? The Mongol people were largely nomadic for a very very long time, industry and farming was limited to say the least and it only really kicked up in the 20's and 30's. To get them to have a higher standard of living you'd have to have them give up on their largely nomadic...
  17. A Better Rifle at Halloween

    I'd guess it wouldn't be 'forgotten' but would probably become more common as the war went on, sure by 1914 its rare but if its a success and the UK and Army and brass latch onto it, then by the time of the great offensives of 1916, well it could be a lot more common. And by 1918, its actually...
  18. Strongest Mongolia possible for 2000.

    Aye the issue though is 'how' without basically going back to the time of Chingis Khan and co and having the Mongols seriously build up and alter Mongolia itself, but that would mean an end to their lifestyle as they knew it and as it is now, resulting in an entirely different Mongolia, one that...
  19. Strongest Mongolia possible for 2000.

    And considering how China's treating different ethnic/religious groups at the moment, we don't want that at all.
  20. 1941 - invading Hawaii, possible?

    Speaking of Milne Bay Came across this youtube channel the other day, its good stuff.