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  1. Flashman

    WI: NATO doesn't bomb Belgrade

    I've heard that the NATO bombing of Belgrade is the ultimate source of Russia's coldness towards the West and in turn is responsible for many of the geopolitical troubles of the last two decades. If NATO had not bombed Belgrade, what are the realistic outcomes, including in Yugoslavia?
  2. Flashman

    American Superpower Without the Louisiana Purchase?

    The United States, a vast Empire of Liberty, stretching from sea-to-shining-sea, destined from Creation onwards to spread its message that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of...
  3. Flashman

    WI: Not-So-Brave Little Belgium?

    As you likely know, the Belgians made a futile but brave decision to fight back against German invasion in World War 1, briefly delaying the German advance. Had the Belgians, due to some minorly divergent personality on the part of the King, decided not to bravely fight back to spare the lives...
  4. Flashman

    Soviets survive the early 90s, do they benefit from the DotCom bubble?

    Basically, if the Hardliner Coup is more or less averted, and the USSR manages to limp along a bit further, do they experience an economic boom in the late 90s from the dotcom bubble? Or is the dotcom bubble itself averted, considering the economic butterflies that are going to be caused by the...
  5. Flashman

    Medieval America Mark III
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    Medieval America Mark III What is it? Medieval America begins with an observation, and then a question: "America never experienced a 'Middle Ages.' What would and American Middle ages look like?" Medieval America is a collaborative project which seeks to explore a world in which the United...
  6. Flashman

    Flag Challenge #151: Deus Vult

    FLAG CHALLENGE #151: Deus Vult Make a flag for a theocratic Christian state. God Wills It! Submissions Open: Now Submissions Close: 18 September 2016 Voting Period: 19 September - 24 September 2016 For more details on general rules, click and read the FIRST PAGE
  7. Flashman

    The Inventio Fortunata: Tales from the Northern Seas

    The Inventio Fortunata Tales from the Northern Seas Five Time-Lines in As Many Folios "...In the midst of the four countries is a Whirlpool into which there empty these four Indrawing Seas which divide the North. And the water rushes round and descends into the earth just as if one were...
  8. Flashman

    Stopping Barbarossa?

    Is it even remotely possible to have Hitler not declare war on the USSR?
  9. Flashman

    North European Civilization?

    North European Civilization- is it even remotely possible, say, as a contemporary to Greek civilization?
  10. Flashman

    AHC: Balkinized canada in a world with the Soviet Union?

    All in the title. What kind of world would be able to have a balkinized Canada, and at the same time a country by the name In english of the Soviet Union?
  11. Flashman

    WI: Hong Xiuqaung died in childhood?

    What if, as achild, he tripped and smashed his head on a rock. So basically, we would ot see the revolutions of the heavenely kingdom, and as a result we would not see the european sphere of influence. Thoughts?
  12. Flashman

    WI: Austria allies itself with Russia in Crimea?

    What if, due to the assistance in the Hungarian reveloution, the Austrians declare war on England, France, and the ottomans? How would this effect the Crimean conflict?
  13. Flashman

    A united low countries?

    Hey guys i was wonder if you knew of any possible scenario, event or POD that could lead to a united low countries NOT under spain or austria. Thanks in advance!!
  14. Flashman

    Fallout: NYC

    This is in response to such threads as Fallout france, Fallout UK, and Fallout germany. I would liek to hear peoples imaginative responses to what it would be like.
  15. Flashman

    Napoleons folly

    Could it have been possible for the royalist French to win the revolution? If so how would this effect history?
  16. Flashman

    No crisis of the third century?

    Rather then paying off germanic tribes, Emperor Alexander Serverus burns them to the ground, and he dose not lose his soldiers respect. So basically no civil war and they dont lose many of there cities, culture, economy, etc, and no roman decline, and they are not so soft for the germans to...
  17. Flashman

    Conspirators suceed

    What if on the night that John Wilkes booth murderd abe lincoln, what if the other conspirators had not been to afraid to commit the murders, and suceeded in killing the heads of states. What would have happened, and dont forget the goverment was so much less stable back then.