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  1. hms malta

    Wi: A different battle of jutland

    In 1909 Clement ader releases his book 'military aviation'. What would the effects be at jutland if the admiralty read the book and build four aircraft carriers?
  2. hms malta

    WI:Hurricane in Berlin?

    What if America never enters WW2. How long would it take for Britain to build the bomb and what would the best plane be too deliver the bomb? Where would it be built and who would lead the project?
  3. hms malta

    KGV class built as fast escort for carriers?

    What would the optimum weapons mix and speed for a fast escort for a carrier battle group?
  4. hms malta

    AHC: Make fairey aviation the dominant aircraft producer for the RN

    How would Faireys become the main suppliers of aircraft to the RN like Grumman aircraft did for the US Navy? Would a 1917 pod help?
  5. hms malta

    Hurricanes on deck

    Would more pressure from the admiralty get hurricanes on carriers by 1940?
  6. hms malta

    AHTL:Without regard to finance and tradition

    August 1917 The results of the study about the possible uses of aircraft carriers and naval aviation within the grand fleet, show that half of the officers recommend that ' Navel aviation should be developed without regard to finance and tradition '. The Admiralty decide that the battle...
  7. hms malta

    Rogue nuclear powers

    As the title says what country with nuclear weapons could go rogue?
  8. hms malta

    RN carrier rebuilds?

    Does anyone know what carrier conversion of the courageous class consisted of and how long it took?
  9. hms malta

    Soviet carriers?

    Why didn't the Soviet union build conventional carriers eg Essex/ Ark Royal class?
  10. hms malta

    Earliest possible FAA cannon armed fighter

    When would the earliest possible cannon armed fighter be able to be in service? Bonus points if you can get jets on a carrier.
  11. hms malta

    Change the WNT without breaking It?

    Would it be possible to change the Washington naval treaty without making it ASB?
  12. hms malta

    AHTL:Without regard to finance and tradition discussion thread

    North Sea off the coast of Norway 1940 The Aircraft Carriers HMS Glorious and HMS Furious along with the battle cruiser HMS Hood, the heavy cruisers Norfolk and Suffolk , the light cruiser curlew and eight destroyers sortied from Scapa Flow in the early hours of the 8th April and under heavy...
  13. hms malta

    AHTL: The far Eastern fleet or the rise of the carrier

    June 1941 With the loss of the Dutch East Indies to the Nazis and with the threat of Japanese invasion of the British colonies. The decision to send the battleship PoW and the battlecruiser Repulse to Singapore was overruled by the admiralty. The admiralty proposed to send a fast task force...
  14. hms malta

    AHTL: The Battle of Taranto ( The Bloodiest day rewrite )

    21st October 20:30 ***** top secret ***** ***** eyes only ***** ***** Adm Cunningham ***** Admiral Cunningham the Italian fleet cannot be permitted to persist. Ignite the inferno. Commence Operation Judgement. Regards First Sea Lord ***** Admiralty *****
  15. hms malta

    WI:The eight nation alliance

    The eight nation alliance. Britain,USA,Russia,Germany,Japan,Austria-Hungery ,France and Italy. What would it take for the Eight of them to create the UN.
  16. hms malta

    Possible rn carrier battle group ww2

    Plausibility check could a battle group of glorious,courageous, furious, repulse, reknown, hood and 8 destoyers be able to put to sea before the Norwegian campaign?
  17. hms malta

    Wi: British blitzkrieg

    What pods would be needed to have Britain come up with armoured warfare before ww2?
  18. hms malta

    WI :HMS Eagle and Ark Royal refitted pre 1972?

    What if HMS Eagle/ Ark Royal is refitted in 1972 would both survive to and through the Falklands war? What would the possible impact of one or both being available for the Falklands war?
  19. hms malta

    Wi:Blackburn Buccaneer S3

    What impact would the proposed Buccaneer S3 have on the cold war FAA? Would we see the CVA01 built without all the compromises?