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  1. TimTurner

    Do you think the Union would have won a Civil War beginning in 1856, 1852, or 1848?

    what are consequences of southern-won civil war beginning in 1848?
  2. TimTurner

    There and Back Again: The English Journeys of Catherine of Aragon.

    Well, governance is hard. Those engaging in it need happy moments of their lives and all.
  3. TimTurner

    DBWI: Unified Britain?

  4. TimTurner

    DBWI: Unified Britain?

    What would happen to France if Britain had unified?
  5. TimTurner

    "God Ænd Mihn Riht" An Anglo-Saxon England under the Godwinson house.

    Take the time you need. RL issues come before timeline.
  6. TimTurner

    A Map Shitpost Thread

    Kaliningrad can into Chile of Baltics
  7. TimTurner

    Osman Reborn; The Survival of Ottoman Democracy [An Ottoman TL set in the 1900s]

    I broadly concur. It is interesting to see an Imperial Restoration.
  8. TimTurner

    A Lusophone World

    Yeah, it might. I can't see the US not coordinating with them anyway, to protect Straussner...
  9. TimTurner

    The Last Hanover: The Life and Reign of Queen Charlotte

    Great TL. Conroy sounds like a walking meme.
  10. TimTurner

    The Mare Nostrum doctrine: an alternate Italian Empire

    ITTL Greece is to true sovereignty (political AND economic) what Poland is to space.
  11. TimTurner

    People from different ethnic groups for POTUS

    That would certainly be a very original idea.
  12. TimTurner

    Hail, Britannia

  13. TimTurner

    The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

    I am now imagining Georgia going for Abraham Lincoln despite him not even being on the ballot there.
  14. TimTurner

    Romanov Ascendant: What if the Soviet Union survived?

    Would immigration from neighboring Warsaw Pact nations into the USSR be a major thing?
  15. TimTurner

    WI: Spain turns the Philippines into a Settler Colony?

    The realities of fertility and vital statistics in regards to the richer vs poorer are just not the same in the 20th century relative to the 16th and 17th. If anything it might well as called night and day.
  16. TimTurner

    Romanov Ascendant: What if the Soviet Union survived?

    Likely higher than OTL, that is for sure.
  17. TimTurner

    American Chernobyl: The Grand Forks Nuclear Disaster of 1980

    I was thinking about public perception.