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  1. traveller76

    Alt-Hist Map of Africa

    A beautiful map of Africa that was not colonized by Europeans.
  2. traveller76


    Small unit tactics/spies and covert actions in a Roman Empire with 21st Century technology. While some parts are a little strange (Roman borders, some of the uniforms) the art is pretty neat.
  3. traveller76

    Dominion, a book review

    Dominion by C.J. Sansom 629 pages, Mulholland Books, 2012 1952. It has been twelve years since Britain, under Lord Halifax, and France signed a peace treaty with Germany after the disaster of Norway. Germany now is occupied fighting a brutal guerrilla war in the east against the Soviet Union...
  4. traveller76

    A switch of destinies

    What would happen if Nelson Mandela died in 1968 and Martin Luther King Jr died in 2013?
  5. traveller76

    What If Attlee Hadn’t Partitioned India?

    Counter-History What If Attlee Hadn’t Partitioned India? The biggest hypothetical question of the subcontinent Zareer Masani...
  6. traveller76

    AH Games

    New games on the Frontier... The year is 1950 and Africa is becoming the new battleground between the Allies, Axis and Communists..see the Second Scramble for Africa! The year is 1877...Russia has a Constitution, Lincoln survives an assassination attempt, Egypt is torn by Civil War!..see...
  7. traveller76

    Alexander survives

    What would happen to the Russian Empire if Alexander the Second survived his assassination attempt in 1881? Would reform continue and in what way?