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  1. RJ Mitchell does not get cancer

    That would be interesting.
  2. "If They Want It They Can Have It": Ulster's Tragedy.

    Ahh. quite a difference......the guy at the gate looks to be quite interested in his phone
  3. "If They Want It They Can Have It": Ulster's Tragedy.

    How big was the crowd that tried storming the new embassy in 1981 compared to the crowd demonstrating outside the old embassy in 1972?
  4. AHTL: British Carrier Strike

    Good luck.......
  5. AHTL: British Carrier Strike

    Got to wonder if a ski jump as used on HMS Furious for its Baracudas could have been useful on the smaller escort carrier and MAC ships.
  6. AHTL: British Carrier Strike

    What was the take off and landing distance of the Shark, particularly the Pegasus powered version?
  7. WI: Crete Never Falls to the Nazis

    I think FFO or APOD did quite a detailed look at this.
  8. AHQ: Royal Navy carrier strike on Wilhelmshaven, 1939

    HMS Pinafores 'Operation Suckerpunch' on Warships1 has attacks on both locations, with good results.....for the UK.
  9. AHQ: Royal Navy carrier strike on Wilhelmshaven, 1939

    Well German radar picked up the RAF Wellingtons that attacked Willhelmshaven in plenty of time but having no equivalent of the Dowding system had no way to pass the information on quickly so the German fighters only caught up with the bombers on their way home.
  10. When was the earliest plausible timeframe for electric vehicles to attain relatively widespread use in a major country?

    London had the Electrobus Company in 1906. The company, which was first registered in April 1906, started running a service of electrobuses between London's Victoria Station and Liverpool Street on 15 July 1907. The clean and quiet...
  11. Boldly Going: A History of an American Space Station

    Out of intrest, if taking the tank into orbit for possible use was standard practice, what kind of program would be needed to ensure the tanks stayed in orbit?
  12. Earlier use of Tall Boys

    Its mentioned in James Brickhill's 'The Dambusters', the pens at Le Harve were also attacked in this way.
  13. Boldly Going: A History of an American Space Station

    Will there not be issues with the other modules restricting access to the hanger with that arrangement?
  14. Earlier use of Tall Boys

    IIRC, the Tallboys were used to create a wave of water to flood the pens rather than a direct attack on them.
  15. Boldly Going: A History of an American Space Station

    External tank maintenance facility from one of the docs mentioned earlier.
  16. Goeben Atlantic breakout

    Given the UK's control of coal, it would be interesting to know exactly who at the Admiralty thought Souchon may try for the Atlantic.
  17. Goeben Atlantic breakout

    The UK's control of the bunker coal and coaling stations at this time is not very well known.
  18. Goeben Atlantic breakout

    There were waverers but this pushed it into the Hawk camp.
  19. Goeben Atlantic breakout

    There was a story on Warships1 where Goeben's shelling of Phillipville hit a British merchnat ship, this gave Churchil the excuse to order the RN to go after her earlier.
  20. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    Jasper Carrot used that line in one of his sketches.