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  1. Ottomans in the Age of Discovery

    My question comes from this situation... in 1517 the Ottomans conquered Egypt, so getting an access to the indian ocean. Is there a possible PoD which makes them capable to be rivals of the europeans in the Indian trade? I'm not talking about full out colonization (but if you can), but is...
  2. WI: the Khwarazmid governor doesn't kill Genghis Khan's envoys?

    If that doesn't happen could the mongol invasion of the Middle East be averted? or that was inevitable? If there is no invasion what could be the consequences? the first the comes to mind would be no ass kicking for the Sultanate of Rum so the Roman empire would be in even more trouble...
  3. History of the Suiones

    I'm trying to find information on the germanic tribe of the Suiones (denonym courtesy of Tacitus for the Swedes) around the first centuries AD. On wikipedia it says that "sources are silent until 6th century AD", so it's a big void, maybe some swedish member know more?
  4. Maps of Europe 1700-1714

    Does anyone have a blank map of Europe in 1700 or 1714 ( or near these dates)? I tried many times to do a search, but I didn't find any (I already got the map of the world of 1700, but in the short term I need the one about Europe). p.s. I'm really sorry if there is already a thread about it...