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  1. If there is no nuclear bomb, how many world war would happen?

    Since the only reason The Soviets and Americans dont invade eachother was fear of mutual destruction(even with nukes, it was pretty close), what would happen if we take nukes away? How many world war would we see? My bet is on 4. Since it take 2 war to keep germany down. For the POD? Well just...
  2. Why chariots suddenly disappear during middle ages

    Im talking about combat chariots that roman and Egypt use. Where does it go?
  3. Operation Barbarossa : a close call or Germany was simply outmatched

    Most people tend to say "Germany will lose in the end" Or "Soviet manpower is unlimited" and so on and say Germany was far from winning it. But in the end,Germany was stopped just in front of Moscow. and germany high mobility make saving Stalingrad a possibility. So is it fluke or fate?
  4. AHC : America discovers Europe

    POD is before 1100 Bonus point if it is Aztec or Inca and if they discovers Europe in 1200 My guess is : A strong leader unifys North America in the 10century. Lets just say its under the Aztecs. Then when the Viking arrived, They captured some long boats and develop it for 200 years...