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  1. Donald Reaver

    What books would you recommend on the War of the Roses/The English Civil War.

    Younger son when asked what books he wanted for Christmas asked for non-fiction books on those subjects. What books out there would you recommend that are likely to be able to get.
  2. Donald Reaver

    When could of england last been successfully invaded.

    A interesting question, one I would like to see opinions of. The Napoleonic war period is one I would put at the very latest. I would extend it back to the Dutch wars, not that the Dutch could invade but could have given cover to a French invasion force. Unlikely of course, but that is what we...
  3. Donald Reaver

    W.I. Hitlers nephew captured by Germany. Hitlers nephew ended up joining the U.S. Navy in 1944, what if he had chosen to join the air force instead and been shot down over Germany and captured. Unlikely of course the U.S. government would allowed that but still what would...
  4. Donald Reaver

    Old S.F. story based on immortality.

    Trying to track down a old story I read many years ago. Story was based on that people in rare cases that experienced a near death experience had their cells rejuvenated and became immortal. The hero in this case survived the eruption of Krakatoa, the world he occupies is a dystopian North...
  5. Donald Reaver

    Hitler as pope

    Long before the web back in the 60's maybe 70's I read a story where Hitler was convinced after he took power in Germany to make himself pope. While obviously asb it was in a book/magazine I read, does this ring a bell for anyone? it has been a very long time, I do not remember any details...
  6. Donald Reaver

    WI. Hohenzollern bridge collapsed

    I have been reading "The war that ended peace" by Margaret McMillan and came across and interesting section of page 320 that could lead to a p.o.d. I have not seen before. Please correct if has been noted before. "When Germany called up over 2 million men, with their tons of materials and some...
  7. Donald Reaver

    Fire Hunter by Jim kjelgaard

    While not a ah novel, it does strike me as a near asb novel, because of all the innovations he comes up with. A prehistoric novel of a 'caveman" abandoned by his tribe, a story I read back in the 60's. Found a link a few months ago to a complete copy on line...