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    Could the Boer Republics survive through Dutch immigration?

    I'm not the best at untangling South African history, and Wikipedia is faaaar from being a sound source, but it's mentioned there that president Paul Kruger of the Transvaal met with the Dutch royal family in 1884 while on a European tour. He even brought back Dutch officials back to his south...
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    PC: A divided "Red" and "Romanov" Russia?

    First off, let's ignore all the modern-day borders and imagine Russia as it once was in 1917. How plausible is it for a divided Russia like the above to form, with a socialist or communist "Red" Russia holding the west and it's industries, and an eastern "Romanov" Russia headed by a member of...
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    Challenge: make the German Empire neutral in alt-World War

    That's right, the German Empire. Not Nazi Germany or the Weimar Republic. With a POD centered around 1900, find a way to make the German Empire a neutral Great Power when total worldwide - or regional - war comes to the Continent. Suppose say Russia and France make an alliance against the...
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    PC: French communists in the Dutch East Indies?

    A few nights ago, I stumbled upon a peculiar book whilst researching for my timeline. The work, written in 1880, is mainly devoted to the author's travels in Sarawak with a few snippets of the Dutch East Indies and Spain in the final chapters. In one particular paragraph, he noted that the state...
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    PC: British East Africa/Tanzania and German Kenya/Kenia?

    Could there be a chance that the British and German colonies in East Africa be switched, so that the British got the southern portion of the sultanate of Zanzibar while the Germans got the northern half?
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    Best time for Isabel of Brazil to accede the throne??

    I'm researching a few things for my timeline, and as a result I've been juggling a few POD's in respect to South America. One of these is the medium/long-term survival of the Empire of Brazil under Pedro II's daughter, Isabel. Thing is, I don't know when is the best time for her to replace her...
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    WI: Conservatives win Front Palace Crisis?

    In 1874, there was an incident in Siam that culminated into a political crisis involving the conservative Price Vichaichan and the reforming King Chulalongkorn. In OTL, the latter won out and made a lot of changes to Siam's governance, as well as ultimately keeping the kingdom out from the many...
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    WI Khedive of Egypt's heir didn't die?

    So Ahmad Rifaat Pasha was the heir presumptive to the Khedivate of Egypt in the 1850's. However, he drowned in an accident in 1858 and the crown passed on to his nephew, Ismail Pasha (aka. the guy that launched a disastrous war against Ethiopia and plunged the country into massive debt) instead...
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    WI King Leopold II dies before getting the Congo?

    So King Leopold II probably created the worst colonial regime in all of colonial Africa by creating the Congo Free State. Though the French and British are strong contenders on the brutality scale, Leopold arguably crossed that with his extreme policies of rubber extraction and native...
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    please delete this thread. I can't delete it myself.
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    WI King Lunalilo of Hawaii lives longer?

    So King Lunalilo was the most liberal monarch in Hawaii before the islands ended up being annexed into the U.S, but he died of a lung infection just barely into his reign. With him living longer, how much would Hawaii change under his rule? How long would the Islands' annexation be delayed, if...
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    AHC: Austro-Hungarian Borneo/Sabah?

    From digging through a few articles, it seems that Sabah/North Borneo had quite a journey before it ended up as a British possession. After exchanging hands a few times, the rights to North Borneo were eventually sold to Gustav von Overbeck, the Austro-Hungarian Consul to Hong Kong. The Sultan...
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    British Palawan; is it possible?

    If the Spanish Philippines faces an uprising in the 1890's and the U.S either stays out of it or performs poorly (lets just say the Spanish-American War doesn't happen or is confined to Cuba), could there be a chance for Palawan Island to be snatched by the British?
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    U.S with no Pacific colonies; is it possible?

    With a POD stretching back to the 1860's in the U.S and back to 1800 around the world, can there be a chance for the United States to not engage in some Pacific island-grabbing? At least an independent Kingdom of Hawaii with an independent or European-controlled Philippines until the First World...
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    Italian Aceh; is it possible?

    Based on this thread. With the right men living longer (Count Cavour and Nino Bixio I think) and with a subtle change in colonial policy, could an Italian Aceh or an Aceh Protectorate under Italy be possible with a POD in the 1860s? Also, what would be the Dutch and the British reactions to...
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    Of Rajahs and Hornbills: A timeline of Brooke Sarawak
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Kuching, Brooke Sarawak. 1848 Pak Khalid made another row on the sampan. It was always been thus for the Malay fisherman and trader, rowing his old wooden sampan to and fro across the rivers and swamps, netting fish and critters from the murky waters and selling them fresh at the market. Every...
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    Ottomans win Russo-Turkish War. Earliest possible Great War?

    I am trying to find more information for a TL I'm considering to write, but this event is a bit of a knot-binder to me. If the Ottomans manage to win against the Russians in the 1877 Russo-Turkish War, how long would it be before the European alliance systems lock themselves into place? And how...