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  1. pattontank12

    The 90's and Dieselpunk

    Over the course of the 1990's there was a surprising boom in dieselpunk films starting in 1989 with Tim Burton's Batman. That lasted all the way into the early 2000's with Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Which bled into other forms of media ranging from video games like Crimson Skies to...
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    AHC: A Cassette Futurist Late 20th Century?

    From the period of 1979 all the way up to 2000 science fiction authors, directors and artists envisioned a future both familiar yet alien to us. With such films as Alien, Blade Runner and even Ghost in the Shell describing a future of advance genetic engineering, cybernetics that bridge the gap...
  3. pattontank12

    AHC: An actual Wild Wild West

    Basically The Wild Wild West was a popular television series that ran from 1965 to 69, taking place nearly a century in the past during the Grant Administration. Following the exploits of the Secret Service agents James West and Artemus Gordon as they traveled across the west, often encountering...
  4. pattontank12

    AHC: Create a dieselpunk early twentieth century

    From the time period of World War 1 all the way up to the post WW2 1940's saw a period of rapid technological advances. With everything from the first transatlantic flight to the first photo of Earth from orbit via a V2 Rocket occurring at this time period. While great economic booms such as the...
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    AHC/WI: Realistic Punk/retro future timeline

    So first off how possible would be to see a timeline where technology progressed faster in general then OTL? Let's assume that the a good chunk of the 19th century would be what we'd describe as "steampunk". Only with technology advancing beyond that point as time moves on. Now the second part...
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    Aftermath of Legend (1995 tv series)

    I've been watching the slightly steampunk western tv series Legend, set roughly around 1876. It follows the exploits of Ernest Pratt a popular dime store novelist who ends up finding himself adopting the identity of his character Nicodemus Legend. Following the Hungarian inventor Janos...
  7. pattontank12

    Aftermath of Brisco County jr?

    So I've been watching The Adventures of Brisco County Jr recently and it got me thinking about the aftermath of the series and how their events would affect history if they really happened. Considering that in the first episode alone Brisco rode a train car with a functional rocket attached to...
  8. pattontank12

    That Golden Dawn Sky Tl-191's history of US & CS aircraft

    This thread will be dedicated to the history of the development of Union and Confederate aircraft technology. To start of considering the restructuring of the United States military in the years immediately after the Second Mexican War along the lines more successful Prussian model, along the...
  9. pattontank12

    TL-191 Uniform, weapons and equipment of the Secondary Combatants.

    One thing I've been wondering about for Tl-191 is that type of equipment, weapons and uniforms that the secondary combatants of the Great Wars would use over the course of the conflicts. Meaning Mexico, Quebec, Ireland, Australia and Germany's Eastern European vassals. To start off with I...
  10. pattontank12

    DBWI: No Eurasian War?

    Well it's official today marks the 65 anniversary of the end of the Eurasian War. For anyone who's been living undee a rock their entire lives the Eurasian war from 1945 to 1953 was the single largest war in human history between the Coalition of Britain, Germany, France, Japan, the US and...
  11. pattontank12

    WI: More "Competent" Axis?

    So after seeing various threads on this sight for a more competed Fascist Italy or Imperial Japan I've been wondering how could we get an all around more effective Axis for ww2? Meaning it's main leaders Germany, Japan and Italy all being better equipped then OTL and with more effective leadership.
  12. pattontank12

    ATD/AHC: Development and widespread use of nuclear vehicles

    From the bombing of Hiroshima throughout the 50's there was considerable interesting in the development of various nuclear powered vehicles. Ranging from trains, plains and even cars with even Ford building a concept car called the Ford Nucleon, that was planned to use a portable nuclear...
  13. pattontank12

    WI: Greater popularity of penal colonies?

    So what if the penal colonies had a greater level of popularity by the various colonial powers of the 19th Century? With the various great powers sending criminals and their families to their overseas colonies in the same vain has Britain and Australia. Examples: Spanish to the Philippines and...
  14. pattontank12

    Flags of Alternate world's

    Flag of the Strasserian Reich. Source: Flag of the Prussian-Hungarian Empire Source:
  15. pattontank12

    DBWI: No Dutch Australia and South Africa

    How would our world be different if the Dutch had never colonized either South Africa or Australia? I know that with Australia they almost turned it down, thinking that it might have been unprofitable.
  16. pattontank12

    Photos of the Kaiserreich

    Inspired by the photos-from-featherstons-confederacy-tl-191 thread. Only this thread will deal with the alternate history TL from the HOI mod Kaiserreich. Any photo's are fine as long as it won't get anyone in trouble with the mods and the board and is related to kaiserreich.
  17. pattontank12

    DbWI: No Second American Civil War/Great Rebellion?

    Has we all know following the tragedy of the First American Civil War or Great Rebellion if you're a Yankee and president Lincoln's untimely death in 1863. The South suffered harsh reprisals and a brutal decades long military occupation. Inadvertently leading to the former southern states...
  18. pattontank12

    AHC/WI: American Civil War with "vaguely" WW1 technology?

    So how would it be possible for the American Civil War, starting "roughly" around the same time period to be fought with weaponry closer to that of OTL WW1? That would include both sides using bolt action rifles, with practical metal cartridges (but possibly with black powder), poison gas...
  19. pattontank12

    DBWI: Democratic America and Fascist Germany?

    Well today it's finally happened the Nationalist States Union of America has fallen and there's even talk about the old United States government in the Philippines being brought back has the official government of mainland America. Now I think the world can finally sigh in piece now that the...
  20. pattontank12

    DBWI: Germany had lost the Second Great War

    Has we all know following her victory in the First Great War the German Empire rose to the world's dominant Great Power. After the crushing defeat of the Entente Alliance, in 1917. Only to once again find itself at war. This time against the Trifecta powers of Imperial Japan, the Russian Empire...