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  1. An Age of Miracles Continues: The Empire of Rhomania

    Rhomania-in-the-West, or, a Western Roman Empire if you will...
  2. Crusader Kings II - Paradox Entertainement (02/12)

    Just a little bit closer until we reach those glorious Achaemenid borders... The Guang Dynasty will carry on the light of Mani! Jinshan started out as a younger son who I let become independent with my Tarim Basin holdings, who managed to marry the Deccan Empress.
  3. Crusader Kings II - Paradox Entertainement (02/12)

    ALL UNDER HEAVEN Rus are free because they decided to play nice and submit to the throne of heaven by converting to Taoism, Danes are in some wars I declined to join, but they'll be back in the fold soon enough...
  4. AHC: Catalonia and Occitania Switch

    Then to simplify, is it possible to preserve the Occitan sub-languages as the predominantly spoken language in Southern France, and/or the reduction of Catalan to a state resembling modern Occitan?
  5. AHC: Catalonia and Occitania Switch

    So, I imagine everyone is aware of the current issue of Catalan independence that's hit a fever pitch in recent weeks. My challenge is this, reverse the situations of Catalonia and Occitania as late as possible, so that Catalan is nearing extinction, while Occitan remains a vibrant language and...
  6. An Age of Miracles Continues: The Empire of Rhomania

    Ah, that explains it.
  7. An Age of Miracles Continues: The Empire of Rhomania

    Man, it's just failure after failure for the post-Andreas Romans.
  8. DBWI: no Altrumian empire

    I expect you would see a much more religiously and culturally diverse Central Titielerop with even more language families present, while the sea would be dominated by Carthage and Egypt. As much as the Altrumans liked to throw their weight around in the south, they were never quite able to crack...
  9. An Age of Miracles Continues: The Empire of Rhomania

    Part of me is sad to see the (supposedly) unbroken Imperial line get cut off, but on the other hand, the guy who led the Shimazu Devils OTL becoming the Holy Japanese Emperor is too good
  10. [British Isles / Roman AH] - Byzantine Britain?

    In regards to language: Of course, Brithenig is designed to be a romance spoken in Wales opposing an extant England, whereas in this timeline the Britanno-Romans continue to hold power in the east. I found a basic proposal...
  11. An Age of Miracles Continues: The Empire of Rhomania

    I'll never stop dreaming of Arletian-Aragonese Union.
  12. Arabs vs Vikings in France

    Butterflies are crazy, aren't they?
  13. Taking the Cross: A Crusader ATL

    Copts and Occitans, already a favorite! I can't believe I haven't seen this TL yet. One question, why do the Occitans claim Gabriel as one of theirs?
  14. Map Thread XII

    Ah. Guess I should get to work on my drawing abilities, then. Though, what do you mean by required thickness?
  15. Map Thread XII

    ^^What's the standard method for making the MS Paint style maps that are used most of the time on this site? I figured it was just freehand with a mouse, but I dunno, seems pretty well done for that. I've drawn a bunch of stuff on paper that was unfortunately lost and I really want to recreate...
  16. No Arab conquest of Persia

    If the Byzantines and Sassanids don't burn each other out in war like in OTL, both could probably beat off the initial wave, though that's not to say it doesn't happen later.
  17. Not enough Coptic Egyptian Timelines

    I feel the same way about African Romance. At least Copts exist in a lot of other timelines. :(
  18. AHC: Roanoke Colony Survives and Succeeds?

    To be honest, a surviving tribe descended from English settlers that's fully integrated itself into Native American society is way more interesting than a surviving Roanoke. In my opinion, etc, etc.
  19. Give Me That Known World Religion

    There is literal evidence to prove the existence of R'hllor in-universe, which makes it the Correct Religion by default. For the night is dark and full of terrors.