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  1. deciphering historical maps

    a place to post old maps and to discuss what's on 'em. prompted by my utter inability to find madagascar on medieval arab world maps. please help, post your own queries, and maybe translate some stuff.
  2. how big were the scottish/english marches?

    what's the deal with the marches? i know they were created in the 1200s and lasted until the union but what territory exactly did they encompass? is it just the counties/lordships that touch the border? every map i can find of them agree on the borders between them but disagree on their exact...
  3. light tubes / piping?

    When was the earliest light pipes could be made and used? Light pipes would allow you to have sunlight indoors/ underground, meaning you could grow plants anywhere you had soil and water. this would be huge for population size, urbanization, and fortification. pre-industrial vertical farms
  4. partitioning inner mongolia and other 2010 census china partitions

    A continuation of a discussion in Proposals and War Aims That Didn't Happen Map Thread demographics of the mongolias outer mongolia 2010 2,607,714 mongol 94.66% 2,754,685 total 100% inner mongolia 2010 19,650,687 han 79.54 4,337,576 mongol 17.56% 24,706,321 total 100% outer+inner mongolia...
  5. a "Natural" border for China's southern frontier?

    Was there ever any clear stopping point for china's southern expansion? Was distance or terrain the main factor in limiting communication with the frontier from the capital?
  6. Why is/was ireland pastoral?

    it is my understanding that wales/ scotland are most pastoral than south england because they are more hilly/mountainous. However ireland was(/is?) largely pastoral while also being quite flat - what gives? does ireland have worse soil? or is it some kind of cultural quirk?
  7. Terraces in europe?

    Would europe have benefitted from a (broader) adoption of terrace farming in the vein of east asia or the andes? would certain mountainous or hilly regions be less pastoral? would they produce a significant amount more food? would they have higher populations? what would that change?
  8. AHC: avoid the linguistic terror

    language suppression is never cool but somehow french republicans got it in thier heads thats its for those backward provencials own bloody good. (just as everthing must go through paris) for how are they to engage in the national public sphere if they cannot speak the Guānhuà? translations...
  9. Prof_Chemical's workshop

    just a place to post some incoherent graphical tinkering.
  10. Climate simulation

    hi, does anyone have any tools that can simulate climate based on land height? i want to squeeze as many climates/ biomes on a fictional world into as tight a space as possible while still following the rules of how they work in the real world. the planet would be the same size as earth with the...
  11. geographic divides that inform lifestyle differences

    just a place to talk about environmental factors that affect how a culture puts bread on the table and meet other basic needs like shelter. so for example in my home island of britain, there is a pronounced north south cultural divide, a factor in this divide is the agricultural land use. the...
  12. Thomas Sankara survives

    anyone got some thomas sankara centric timelines? ill take anything including wacky asb. was one of the 20th centuries biggest missed opportunities in my opinion. guy was a vaccination machine, invested a shit load of labour into infrastructure, self sufficiency, championed womens liberation as...
  13. scottish clans, how did they work?

    so how was feudal scotland organised? how does it compare to england, ireland or the continent? where do clans, chiefs and chieftains fit into the classic manor < barony (< hundred\viscounty?) < county < dukedom < kingdom (< empire?) arrangement of feudal nobility? i feel like i used to know...
  14. UN American intervention

    what would it take for the UN to militarily intervene in the united states over civil rights violations?
  15. OTL nationalist, imperialist, and other territorial claims

    a place to put maps of a group's territorial claims/ambitions, with layers of priority if its applicable. so for example; welsh separatists/ nationalists, the first layer would be the modern principality, the second might be the lands west of the dykes, the third would then be traditionally...
  16. Reforming the Steppe

    Without ASB's what would the lower classes of steppe society accept from a firebrand and reformer like temujin? How much could the society change? what is the limit?
  17. What if the black panthers where more successful?

    what if the black panther party achieved more of thier 10 point program? We want freedom. We want power to determine the destiny of our Black Community. We want full employment for our people. We want an end to the robbery by the Capitalists of our Black Community. We want decent housing, fit...
  18. On the evolution of romance languages and modern nationstates

    Is it known what point the romance languages stratified, ie ceased to be a fluid continuum? is it at the formation of nationstates? the translations of the bible? something else? am i right in thinking most of the continental germanic language continuum remained intact given that most of it was...
  19. proto-socialism

    Is there anyway to make a proto socialist and progressive movement like the levellers successful? Could it displace liberalism as the opposition to the old ways?
  20. Are horse drawn buses economically or logistcally viable?

    I was thinking about how modern cities configured for trains would be far less congested than ones configured for cars, then that got me thinking about what would happen if public transport was conceived earlier.