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  1. Alternate Migrations general discussion

    Well, proto-slavs moved during the migrations, but you are probably right, if we want the Slavs to be recognizable, perhaps they should move later.
  2. Alternate Migrations general discussion

    During the migration period.
  3. Alternate Migrations general discussion

    The migration would happen way before Islam, so I assume Orthodox (or something along those lines, sects might be different ITTL)
  4. Alternate Migrations general discussion

    I've had this idea of a Slavic Anatolia. I imagine it could be superficially similar to the Rus, but way more Greek-influenced as well as having the influence from the nomadic Turks.
  5. WI: Louis I of Hungary has a son

    This, the two kingdoms united at this point make it borderline ungovernable. Instead if a lasting line of Angevins can be established in Poland and Hungary, they could be stable powerhouses that remain major players in Europe.
  6. AHC: Renaissance somewhere else than Italy

    Hungary actually had it's own Renaissance under Matthias Corvinus, but it was cut short for obvious reasons. New urban centers were established along with a very large library (Bibliotheca Corviniana). If he can establish a proper dynasty and keep the country on the same path (they were rich and...
  7. WI: Long-lasting Hun Empire Based on Volga/Dneiper River valleys?

    I don't see why not, although the Hun powerbase was in Pannonia IIRC. Perhaps after the death of Attila, some successor manages to pull the confederation together, but has to retreat to the east. There they consolidate and subjugate any rebelling peoples. They lose the Western parts to Goths and...
  8. AHC: Finnic "Russia"

    Yeah, you probably need an earlier PoD, but I would absolutely love to see this develop into a timeline. What if the Hungarians manage to pull together an even larger confederation and move it a bit to the South, but not all the way to the Carpathians. They establish a state somewhere perhaps...
  9. A German colony in the Americas?

    This sounds like a really cool TL idea.
  10. Let Them Pass

    Wonder what happens in Russia. The day when Rasputin shares his vision with the Czar and the Patriarch is the very same when Tannenberg starts. Those defeats could definitely underscore the prophecy.
  11. Paris falls in 1914 and the ottomans remain neutral. How does the war go.

    Think of the geopolitical message here. Britain declared war on Germany for the violation of Belgian neutrality, but then shows they can violate anyone's neutrality whenever they want. What if they decide that they need a Norwegian port? Some Swedish iron? Where is the line to be drawn?
  12. POD Crusade of Varna

    I like it, although those may be a lot of gains for a Pyrrhic victory at Varna.
  13. Paris falls in 1914 and the ottomans remain neutral. How does the war go.

    That would be the debacle of the century, and would probably drag all of Scandinavia to the war on the CP side.
  14. Paris falls in 1914 and the ottomans remain neutral. How does the war go.

    The French will try to reverse the situation if Paris is taken, but they basically only have one chance since their industry is crippled and they cannot fight a prolonged war. This offensive is likely to fail given their first rate armies were destroyed when Paris fell. They will also try to...
  15. Tank Doctrine of a Surviving Confederacy

    I guess OTL Italy could be a good example?
  16. Catholic Pskov Republic?

    Greek Catholicism is very much a thing in Eastern Europe.
  17. The German Century

    Everyone seems to forget that there is no Royal Navy anymore, so it is anything but self-evident that the British and French can supply the Soviets with anything. In fact, they themselves will be in trouble as the US and Canada will not be giving them lend-lease either.
  18. The German Century

    So are the Central Powers rearming? It's not hard to see the writing on the wall.
  19. Imperium Americae - Brainstorming for a Roman America

    I would say take a step back first. Roman galleys are not suited for the heavy seas of the Atlantic, they would sink before they reach the Azores. So first thing you want is s PoD where Romans build better ocean going vessels. A good start would be a successful conquest of Germania: the sooner...
  20. The German Century

    I don't like the USGA name, it clearly sends the wrong message to all minorities, not just Hungarians. I think some form of Danubian would be a much better way to go. Perhaps even Danubian Empire.