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  1. America - Albion's Orphan - A history of the conquest of Britain - 1760

    The title of the Peshwa, means "Prime Minister", not the "Emperor". The "Emperor" of the Maratha Empire would still be the 'Chhatrapati' who sits in Satara, of the Bhosale dynasty. Even though the Peshwa wields almost complete power in TTL (as in OTL eventually), effectively being like the Shoguns.
  2. America - Albion's Orphan - A history of the conquest of Britain - 1760

    What is the position of the Chhatrapati like now ?
  3. Russia Resurgent - A TL

    Just how Pakistan is out of the grips of its military ? Even when there was economic prosperity, there was still the control of the military, either in the shadows or blatant ? Just how this Pakistan got rid of it ? I am asking so because only the elected government seems to be focussed upon...
  4. Russia Resurgent - A TL

    Israelis are getting the fruit of their hubris, which they got away with all these years. Time for them to receive a good drubbing. Also, a Very Happy Dussehra to you 😀😀.
  5. America - Albion's Orphan - A history of the conquest of Britain - 1760

    There are 13 vowels and 36 consonants in the Devanagari script. Might want to correct that. Also, Mumbai has been made into a singular island ? When did the requisite land reclamation happen ?
  6. Russia Resurgent - A TL

    Shouldn't the Tsar be Mikhail II and not Mikhail I ? Is the ascension of Grand Duke Micheal, the brother of Nicholas II, not considered legitimate ?
  7. Italico Valore - A more successful 1848 revolution in Italy - a TL

    Will we see some modicum of reforms taking place in the Ottoman Empire after this debacle, or will it be "business as usual" ?
  8. Russia Resurgent - A TL

    How are things going in Sri Lanka in TTL?
  9. The Darling of the World - A Persian TL

    Yep, he did say that. Khushnavaz getting assassinated during the said Gupta invasion.
  10. The Darling of the World - A Persian TL

  11. The Darling of the World - A Persian TL

    Independent, under the successors of the Palmyrene General Lucius Zabbai, all courtesy of "Syrian Fire".
  12. The German Century

    Much better a family man, than the OTL one.
  13. Pride Goes Before a Fall: A Revolutionary Greece Timeline

    Just a small nitpick it's "Bengali" not "Bengalese".
  14. Russia Resurgent - A TL

    Apart from me feeling pained at the consistent India bashing and it always getting the short end of the stick and always holding the idiot ball, in all your TLs, nothing much. Seemingly no incident regarding Nagorno-Karabakh has taken place. Expecting India to back whichever side Russia...
  15. The German Century

    I have no qualms in agreeing with you, because in effect I said the same, and you just expanded upon it by mentioning the mild brainwashing the heirs of the Princes in the 1870s have undergone in the course of their education in Britain; as these would be the people that would be the ruling...
  16. The German Century

    For the Jains, might be a bit iffy; for the Sikhs, there's always Khalistan. As for the Muslims, you have mentioned it all already. But I still don't think, all this would do much damage to the nationalist cause, as the demands for a separate Muslim state weren't cohesive and noticeable enough...
  17. The German Century

    Curse the devil Dyer ! With popular anger at the British at an all time high and with them being broke for all intents and purposes, even the most Anglophilic of the Princes are going to have difficulties siding with the British, thus avoiding a repeat of 1857.
  18. Byzantium Resurrected: A Second Alexiad

    Same here, should continue with your title @Eparkhos .