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  1. Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles

    Yeah, I see this as nearly inevitable. Turkey has far too much to theoretically gain in a second round against Greece to stay out of the war.
  2. Pride Goes Before a Fall: A Revolutionary Greece Timeline

    It’s far from just coastal forts; it’s the coastal territory, the wealthy, more fertile band of land that can potentially stretch dozens of miles inland that is actually largely Greek and can be easily held by said forts. And it’s very far from IOTL if we’re talking the entire coastline up to...
  3. Pride Goes Before a Fall: A Revolutionary Greece Timeline

    I think I was subconsciously channeling your TL when I wrote that to you for t Greece is not going to play to Turkish cultural divides, because any attempts at establishing such a divide would be seen rightfully as an outside attempt at dividing a fundamentally united people...
  4. Pride Goes Before a Fall: A Revolutionary Greece Timeline

    I don’t see a way to avoid a powerful Turkey that will be endlessly revanchist, honestly. If Greece takes interior Turkey, they take a barren, rural area full of Turks who won’t be easy to expel because many of them are nomadic. Moreover, the area will be far from Greek central control and...
  5. Pride Goes Before a Fall: A Revolutionary Greece Timeline

    I didn’t make it clear, but when I said “what the Armenians might get” I meant as subjects of Russia, not an independent state. If it’s Imperial Russia, they could potentially create a “Grand Duchy of Armenia/Trebizond” and give it slight autonomy à la Poland which might stave off migration. A...
  6. Pride Goes Before a Fall: A Revolutionary Greece Timeline

    Realistically, the best the Armenians are gonna get is an expanded version of the Highlands (so including Lake Van or so) and then any living farther west will just have to migrate/flee eastward. Russia isn’t going to be able to annex half of Anatolia, and it would be large areas that are...
  7. AHC: Alternative Jewish-like ethnicities

    I don’t know, they have historically been very proud of their distinct Christianity and refused to convert under other Christian regimes, e.g. under the Byzantines and Georgians. It would probably take substantial migration to create populations large enough to maintain cultural continuity...
  8. AHC: Alternative Jewish-like ethnicities

    Keep the Byzantines more closely economically connected with the rest of Europe and the Armenians might work in this role. They had/have that role throughout the Middle East historically.
  9. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)

    Trouble is, it’s still apartheid South Africa at this point; I doubt Disney wants to associate itself with that nightmare. What about something in...Kenya, maybe? It may just be too soon for an African park anywhere, unfortunately.
  10. Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles

    I also disagree that Nazis are inevitable with a PoD this early on. Hitler could die in the Putsch or in prison, for instance, and with him gone early on it would likely derail the Nazis’ specific OTL rise to power. Germany falling to right wing nationalism and authoritarianism in general...
  11. WI: Real King Arthur

    oh, Angland did exist! It was just, y’know, in the southern part of the Jutland Peninsula at this point:p
  12. WI: Ummayads Conquer Balkans and Anatolia instead of Iberia

    The fractured, weak Visigothic state and the ERE, even in this time period, had some serious differences between them that likely mean you can’t just sub out one conquest for another. One of the biggest differences is Constantinople and its incredible defenses—if you can’t take it, you can’t...
  13. Hoxha builds (failed) ice-cream shops

    If you want Communist ice cream, you need a big, big dairy industry to get collectivized really quickly and converted to making something that can turn a profit—so, probably not an orthodox ML state. Hmm...what about Yugoslavian ice cream? Did Yugoslavia have a significant dairy industry?
  14. Pride Goes Before a Fall: A Revolutionary Greece Timeline

    A minority-coalition state would face immense challenges from being composed of multiple highly heterogenous groups in a fragile balance of power. On top of this add the inevitability of revanchism from, in this particular example, the inland Arab state, probably backed by many other ME Arab...
  15. Pride Goes Before a Fall: A Revolutionary Greece Timeline

    That would be a Turkish revanchist nightmare, an OTL Lebanon on steroids, so yes the Balkan analogies are very, very apt. The trouble is that the two Armenias will be very likely to find themselves with Turkish majorities in big parts of their territories because the Armenian population just...
  16. Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles

    Very, very fascinating TL! I’ve often wondered about what would happen in the long run if Greece won this particular war, so I’m excited to see how the peace works out for them and Turkey both. One odd knock on effect of this victory, in an area I’m rather familiar with, is in Greek Macedonia...
  17. All former Nazi members blocked from the public sector

    This might also make a pro-Nazism backlash happen, as people that were barely involved with the party see themselves locked out of power for what they might view as no good reason. Cue resentment that “working for Germany” cut them off, and things could get worse from there.
  18. If not Rock and Roll then what?

    That’s not how I would characterize that transition at all. Beach Boys sounds tremendously influenced certain strains of psychedelia because the Beach Boys themselves created psychedelic music. You could argue that they lost out to a harder, bluesy acid rock sound in 1968 and after, though.
  19. What are some things in culture that never stuck?

    This actually is very popular with audio engineer and general electronic music types. It’s a niche genre, but it’s a decently sized one.
  20. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)

    Well, that vision of a bought out Disney is rather horrifying. I’ve been through Orlando and seen its sprawl and I rather happen to agree with Walt on that subject, so the idea of WDW getting shrunk, licensed out, and turned into a new Six Flags in all but name is disturbing in a whole bunch of...