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  1. Liberation Square by Gareth Rubin

    Just read this over the course of three days. It is set in an alternate London of 1952. The main POD is that Soviet/Nazi pact of 1939 holds and Hitler doesn't invade Russia in 1941. The US stays out of the war in Europe. The British and Commonwealth forces launch D-Day in June 1944 but it...
  2. 2018 Presidential Election

    We have reached over 500 pages, so have been asked to start a new thread to carry on direct from the 2010 Presidential Election post.
  3. The American President

    Just a little bit of fun, having just re-watched the film on DVD after picking it up for 50P. The previous election is mentioned as "one of the closest in American history" a narrow win for Democrat Andrew Shepherd, the Democratic nominee from Wisconsin. The film is dated taking place between...
  4. Independence Day: Offically Alternate History

    The trailer of Independence Day Resurgence. The tie-in website clearly dates the first movie as 1996, plus it has a timeline of how the world has developed since the invasion. To me this makes Independence Day officially "Alternate...
  5. BBC Sport Does some Football What-Ifs?

    The BBC Sport website has done a little video based on 4 football what-ifs to celebrate "Back to the Future" Day. They are: Maradona gets sent-off in the 1986 World Cup Q/F. NO Hand of Gold goal. Alex Ferguson gets sacked in 1990. No goal from Mark Robins in the now famous game v...
  6. The Darkest Hour by Tony Schumacher

    Finished reading this, got the book over the Christmas period in Tesco's. It is set in a German Controlled London in 1946 after a successful Sea lion in 1940. It follows a British Cop named John Rossett who works with the Germans but was a War Hero in France and during the invasion nicknamed...
  7. SS-GB to get TV adaption

    Just announced by the BBC, that the 1978 classic "What-if"? novel SS-GB by Len Deighton is to be adapted into a five part mini-series for 2015. See here, although it doesn't give any details on casting.
  8. What if England had qualified for USA 94 World Cup?

    A very detailed and excellent Football What-If? has been published on the Guardian Website!
  9. David Miliband elected Labour Leader in 2010 article

    Owen Jones has written a decent article today on David Miliband winning the Labour Leadership election 2010 instead of his brother.
  10. David Miliband elected Labour Leader in 2010 article

    Owen Jones has written a decent article today on David Miliband winning the Labour Leadership election 2010 instead of his brother.
  11. Ferguson fails at Manchester United

    Following the news today that Sir Alex Ferguson is to retire as Manchester united Boss, what would have happended if if he been sacked in 1990, as it looked almost certain back then? Fergie Fails Part One It's Sunday January 7th 1990, and Manchester United traveled to the City Ground...
  12. The British Republic 1918 onwards

    Here is a little preview with a poll for the 1974 Uk Presidential Election
  13. The Fourth Protocol- A British Revolution

    This is something I have been thinking of doing for a long time, and was briefly started on this site a couple of years ago by someone else. This takes the events of the Book "The Fourth Protocol" written in 1984 and based in 1987 as if they had gone as planned in the book. The format will be...

    To mark the 20th anniversary on Monday of the 1992 General Election, BBC Parliament is replaying the entire Election Night coverage from that dramtic election. It starts at 9.00 am going on until 10.40 at night. Of course it is very interesting election from the point it looked likely for about...
  15. The fall of Chelsea 1983-

    Having just read a brilliant book about Chelsea Football Club from 1975 to 1989, in 1983 the club came one game away from dropping into the third Division as was then. If that had taken place, the club would have taken a much different path to the riches of today!!!! A timeline will follow!!!
  16. Who do you want to see as Walken's Running-mate

    There are five candidates vying for the job as Walken's running-mate in the US Election. See the bio's of each candidate below.
  17. Foot wins in 1983-From Todays Daily Mail

    From Today's Daily Mail, a what-if if Foot wins the 1983 Election by Conservative historian Andrew Roberts. The tributes this week after the death of Michael Foot all praised his principled decency and brilliance as an orator. But they also stated that his espousal of loony-Left ideas made him a...
  18. Richard 3rd in the 1930's

    One of my favourite films of all time is the 1995 film of Richard 3rd (see link beow) It follows the play, and real events, but is set in an alternate Britian of the 1930's rather than the 1700's. The battle of Twesksbury that the film starts...
  19. President Lewis Cass

    The 1848 Presidential election is one of the forgotten close races. Cass the Democratic nominee narrowly lost to Zachary Taylor in the race to succeed James Polk. Despite Cass's position on Popular Soverity over salvery, which caused some in the Party to support the third Party candidancy of Van...
  20. Dewey wins... in 1944

    Tom Dewey has always been linked to his defeat in 1948, but his defeat by Roosevelt four years earlier is often over looked. Having looked at the election stats, it would take a change in just eight states for Dewey to win, just 687,279 votes. Although he would still lose the popular vote by...