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  1. nick_crenshaw82

    WI: Anthony Comstock has killed during the Civil War?

    What little I've read about Anthony Comstock makes wonder what effects Comstock's would have on the United States?
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    WI: John Hinckley, Jr. had used a bigger caliber bullet?

    Like the title says, what John Hinckley Jr. had used a bigger bullet? What kind of damage wound the ricochet have done to his body? If he survived how would it have affected his presidency? What about his reelection in 1984? On a related note would/could a one term Reagan presidency be a good...
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    My Comic Book Alternate History attempt

    I'm not very good with narratives so my timeline will be an actually timeline. I'm starting with the 30s: 1933 Eastern Color Printing begins business as a publisher of comic books. Maxwell Gaines begins a new job as a salesperson at Eastern Color Printing. Historians consider Famous Funnies...
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    Olympic Auto Racing

    I recently discovered this thread for Olympic Auto Racing which led me to doing a little bit of research on the subject and I kinda love the idea of Grand Prix style racing as an official Olympic sport and wonder what the history of this would look like?
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    Teddy Roosevelt And World War I: An Alternative History by Jeff Nilsson

    In the following article I'll be providing some of my oh so very limited thoughts on the matter and would love some other insight into the matter. I'm not so sure about this. From my, very basic, understanding Roosevelt did support American involvement in the war I don't believe it would have...
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    My Escape Comics

    In late 1953 or early 1954 Jack Kirby & Joe Simon created Mainline Publications, set up shop subletting space from their friend Al Harvey's Harvey Publications. To serve as business manager for their Mainline Publications, Inc., they brought in Crestwood Publications office manager Nevin Fidler...
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    WI: Modern Feudal War

    Just caught the end of Loncraine's Richard III and it got me thinking, what would modern war look if the Medieval feudal system was still in effect?
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    2008 American Motor Corporation

    AMC Concept Cars - The Return Of AMC! It's The Biggest Story Of The Year, And No One Saw It Coming. writer: Steve Stanford photographer: courtesy of American Motors No, these concepts are not in the works and AMC is not on its way back to the streets, so don't get your checkbook out quite yet...
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    Professional Sports in the CSA

    If the CSA did survive the Civil War would they have the same professional sports as the Union and if so when would be good dates to start the various leagues?
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    WI: Jackson wins in 1824?

    What if Henry Clay had been slightly less influential in the 1825 contingent election and Andrew Jackson had won, what would a 1825-1829 Jackson presidency look like and would he be reelected in 1828?
  11. nick_crenshaw82

    Sliders Question

    Are there any books, comic books, movies, TV shows, cartoons or video games that are a part of any of the worlds any of the Sliders have seen. If so list the Slider Earth (If you can) and the story.
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    Additions to neamathla's Five Colors for a Dime

    I am a huge fan of neamathla's Five Colors for a Dime and introduced a Deviantart friend called Bastard-Bird and before he passed away the two of us started to expand upon it and I wish to share our ideas with anyone who cares. All-American Comics Mister Terrific (II)-Bartard-Bird's idea...
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    WI: Max Gaine's All-American own the rights to publish Superman?

    In a world were Max Gaines kept ownership of All-American Comics and continued to support Siegel & Shuster's trail against DC over ownership of Superman, do you think if Siegel & Shuster won that Max Gaines would make an offer to them for the rights to publish (not own) Superman?
  14. nick_crenshaw82

    WI: Hughes Hands Off: RKO Pictures - A Success Story

    I would love feedback on the history of RKO Pictures as a successful movie studio still in business today and Wikipedia info boxes on the various films they produced over the decades starting after Howard Hughes buys them. (My POD for this being that Howard Hughes leaves the studio to do its own...
  15. nick_crenshaw82

    Taking Paramount Pictures out of DuMont

    I need ideas on how to butterfly away Paramount Pictures from purchasing a minor share of DuMont Laboratories and relieving some of the pressure on the DuMont Network.
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    WI: The DuMont Network survived?

    If the DuMont Network had survived I wonder what unproduced, unaired, or cancelled shows would be on it through the years?
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    WI: Disney Keeps Control of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

    Because the original thread has necro'd I am post these pics here: Pictures of the 'evolution' of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit if Walt Disney retained the rights of him.
  18. nick_crenshaw82

    Sliders Question

    Are there any books, comic books, movies, TV shows, cartoons or video games that are a part of any of the worlds any of the Sliders have seen. If so list the Slider Earth (If you can) and the story.
  19. nick_crenshaw82

    Kings of America

    In a timeline were George Washington uses the Continental Army (still being loyal to him) to form an American monarchy it seems the Washington dynasty is short lived: George Washington: 1789-1799 Bushrod Washington: 1799-1829 With the death of King Bushrod I the question 1) Does America remain...
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    Deseret/Texas War

    The title says it all. In a world the US has a weak central government and strong state would/could such a war occur and what would happen in it.