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    It's Always Sunny In Nicaea: a TL in which Osman's Beylik never quite takes off.
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    The waters of the Aegean energetically licked the hull of the Venetian vessel. Henry de Asti, looking on pensively, might even have felt a comradeship with this sea, which was nearly as conflicted as he was. He'd intended for his vessel and the massive fleet which trailed behind it to set sail...
  2. LostInNewDelhi

    German History: ??? - Early Medieval

    Hello, I came to inquire as to what sources you all have for the history of Germany up until the Early Medieval Period (it does not have to span all the way back to the ethnogenesis of the Germans-- a source discussing Late Antiquity, for example, is very much appreciated, sources on...
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    WI: US doesn't oppose the PRK

    So, I just found out about these guys: I tried to find threads about the People's Republic on, but Google isn't giving me anything :confused: Since it basically took over from the Japanese colonial government, it seems like it...