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  1. Fate of the rest of the world in 1980s nuclear war scenario?

    How reliable were nuclear weapons? How many missiles would fail on launch/assent, how many warheads would fizzle?
  2. WI: Russia Comes second and actually lands on the moon

    Since the Russians can't be "first", they can try to be "best". NASA hoped for 10 landings and of course got only 6. The Russians could've attempted a full slate of landings with increasingly sophisticated landers. Or they could have tried the first "farside" landing.
  3. Alternate warships of nations

    Why the off-centre line turrets?
  4. Is Gerald Ford Underrated?

    Mediocre, maybe, but much preferable to Jimmy. If he hadn't botched the debates (remember his comment that Eastern Europe wasn't under Soviet Domination?) he probably woud've been elected in '76. Maybe by '80 the electorate would have had enough of Republican candidates and would've turned to...
  5. Realistic best case scenario for japanese conquests in WW2

    An effective alliance between Japan and Germany.. The latter invades the USSR in June 1941, and Japan invades Siberia, in other words Japan adopts the army's northern strategy rather than the navy's southern one. Russia is defeated in the late summer/early fall of 1941 and Japan can exploit its...
  6. Realistic best case scenario for japanese conquests in WW2

    Avoid attacking the Philippines, Midway and Guam, thus depriving the US of a casus belli. Since the US wouldn't go to the defence of Europe in 1939-1940, she would likely not jump in to defend the colonial empires in the Pacific, so Japan could probably attack them without much danger of...
  7. Fictional Airline Aircraft & Fleets

    Trans Canada Airlines buys the C-102 Jetliner, followed by the VC-7.
  8. Possibilities with RN treaty compliant scrapping of R class

    Was it feasible to build a quadruple 16" turret? Was a ship with two 4x16 practical?
  9. Why didn't the Soviets get a man on the moon?

    I think ultimately it was a lack of commitment. There's a story, perhaps apocryphal, that when Kruschev was told how much money Kennedy was going to spend to get to the moon, he couldn't believe it. He was interest in all sorts of (relatively) cheap space spectaculars but wasn't willing to...
  10. IJN Amagi VS. USS Alaska

    Thank you. I always appreciate your thoughtful, well informed comments.
  11. IJN Amagi VS. USS Alaska

    Why did the IJN have so many medicore flag officers? Did they prefer seniority to abililty?
  12. IJN Amagi VS. USS Alaska

    What was wrong with Kirishma's crew?
  13. RFK 1964: Idea Thread

    Who would be RFK's VP? How dangerous would LBJ be knowing that once again the Kennedys have given him the shaft?
  14. Incompetent, Irrelevant & Inmaterail: "Perry Mason" gets a 10th Season: Fall 1966

    I remember an early episode where Perry and the gang flew to Vancouver and boarded a cruise ship named the "Westminster". Burr was born in New Westminster (just south of Vancouver) so I wondered if this was a bit of an in-joke. Maybe in the 10th season Perry, Della, and Paul will go to Vancouver.
  15. Vancouver Thinks Big

    That's West Vancouver alright. My grandfather's house was at the point so I guess if it hadn't been demolished in the mid-60s for an apartment tower it would've gone for the Tradewinds.
  16. Vancouver Thinks Big

    That makes sense. Do you know where it would've been located?
  17. Vancouver Thinks Big

    I grew up in West Vancouver and never heard of the Tradewinds! Are you sure it wasn't planned for North Vancouver? The streets look like Marine Drive and Esplanade in North Van, where the site would've provided more room for building than in West Van.
  18. Unbuilt Urban Projects That You Wish Had Been Built

    It definetly looks pharaohnic
  19. Incompetent, Irrelevant & Inmaterail: "Perry Mason" gets a 10th Season: Fall 1966

    Would they film it in colour? They did one of their season 9 episodes in colour experimentally. Also, how likely was a renewal? I believe that PM's ratings were down quite a bit in the last season or two.
  20. 1914 Graf Spee heads north

    What if von Spee went further north and raided Victoria and Vancouver? Naval defences would have been non-existent and the environment target-rich. Also, less chance of antagonizing Americans.