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  1. Challenge: An empire on each continent, concurrently

    The purpose for this thread is to come up with a means to have each inhabited continent contain a powerful nation, concurrently with each other. Ideally each of these nations would be on a roughly equal footing, without any one of them being able to go full imperialist on the rest.
  2. Look, in the theater! It's DC!

    May 2004 On the Red Carpet, DC's latest and greatest film, The Justice League, premiers to rave reviews. 15 years in the making, the Justice League unites Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, Sean Bean, and Lucy Lawless with newcomer Andy Serkis as the Martian Manhunter...
  3. WI: George Miller Directed Batman 1989

    What if, instead of Tim Burton, George Miller was tapped to direct it?
  4. Pop Culture WI: What if Batman Mask of the Phantasm was a hit?

    What if Batman Mask of the Phantasm had been a financial hit?
  5. Pop-Culture WI: Chris Claremont wrote Teen Titans

    Chris Claremont is well known for his tenure as writer of the X-Men comic book series, which lasted from 1975-1991 what if, instead of writing X-Men, Claremont wrote Teen Titans?
  6. AHC: Give America a Comics Culture like Japan's

    In Japan, Manga are ubiquitous. Every age group reads manga, and manga are published for every age group. In america, comics are a much more niche market. The challenge here is to have American comics become as pervasive in our culture as Manga is in Japanese culture
  7. AHC: Chaplin, Keaton, Lloyd in one picture

    The Challenge is to get Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, ad Harold Lloyd in a single film. There roles must not be cameos.
  8. WI: Toho buys King Kong

    What if Toho bought the rights to King Kong after the success of King Kong vs. Godzilla?
  9. AHC: Make King Kong a long lasting Franchise

    the challenge is to make King Kong into a long lasting, Godzilla esque franchise
  10. AHC: Get Bruce Lee into a james Bond Film

    the challenge is to have Bruce Lee play a significant role in a James Bond film.
  11. AHC: Change the destiny of Trek

    The goal is basically to do the following 1. Make Nemesis(or equivalent) a Not-Bad movie 2. Have one of the other trek series be cemented in the public mind as TOS and TNG were 3. Avoid the reboot
  12. Grant stops booth

    I've recently read (from a dubious source) that Ulysses Grant had planned to go to the theater with lincoln, and that after the assasination believe that if he had, he'd have heard the assasin and prevented lincoln's death. what happens if he does go, and does stop booth?
  13. AHC: Get Rid of Lumbering Theropods

    the challenge is to prevent Theropod Dinaosaurs from ever being stereotyped as lumbering tail draggers in fiction. Bonus points if you can have movies portray them in the modernish look before actual paleontology does
  14. WI: Transformers was a mech show?

    the original transformers toys were imports from japan of various mecha toys. what if they stayed that way in america, and thus when they were animated, transformers was a mecha show?
  15. WI: Smash Bros came out earlier

    What if nintendo's super smash brother came out earlier, back in the era of 2D sprites?
  16. AHC: Impeach Andrew Jackson

    find a way to impeach Andrew Jackson, preferably with a POD after his election
  17. DBWI: The Justice League was Awesome

    Just saw it in theaters. Amazing film. The lead up with all 7 leagurs getting their own movie was epic. Why couldn't marvel have don this too? PS i think i saw dark seid at the end
  18. American Racial Equality before 1900?

    What PODs (Preferably after 1789) would be needed to make the races be equal to each other in the united states of america, by the year 1900.
  19. Popculture AHC: Video Game Movie Boom

    The challenge is to replace the second Superhero Movie boom with a boom of video game movies. the POD cannot be before the release of the NES in america
  20. AHC: American Godzilla series

    the challenge is: after the 1962 film, an american series of godzilla films are produced, whilst the japanese films also continue