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  1. volantredx

    Geronimo : What if Osama Bin Laden was killed prior to 9/11?

    My understanding of the man is that while he would hate to be president due to the press he'd really really hate being seen only as the VP to a flash in the pan one-term president like Bush who almost certainly is going to go down as basically a rich Daddy's boy who won thanks to a uniquely...
  2. volantredx

    What if Antony was present for the assassination of Ceaser?

    True but it's one thing to make a promise in a safe place prior to staging a coup and another to keep it when the man who you just murdered's greatest ally was in your midst witnessing your murder. It'd be likely people wouldn't think rationally in that moment and they'd lash out in response...
  3. volantredx

    What if Antony was present for the assassination of Ceaser?

    IIRC the story is that he's trying to warn Ceaser so if he got there before the stabbing started he might get Ceaser to get out of the room. From there it's likely the plotters would lose heart and turn on each other or choose suicide. Ceaser was notorious for forgiving his enemies so a lot of...
  4. volantredx

    Blue Skies in Camelot (Continued): An Alternate 80s and Beyond

    Holy hell Bobby. Did the Kennedys not have books or TV in their house?
  5. volantredx

    Geronimo : What if Osama Bin Laden was killed prior to 9/11?

    So does this mean no MCR? Well that's going to alter pop culture in America for the next 10 years.
  6. volantredx

    Red Valley of Venessa: What if the Roman Empire never reunited during the Crisis of the Third Century?

    I always found the Crisis of the 3rd Century to be a fascinating period of time. So many things could have changed in our world if the Empire broke then. The very concept of how to form governments and what the society should look like would have been totally different, not to mention things...
  7. volantredx

    La Guillotine Permanente: A French Revolutionary Timeline

    It is interesting to see a world where Robespierre had more time to ensure that his war aims were followed through. It always felt like a big issue with the tail end of the Republic after the Thermidorian Reaction was that they sort of lost sight of what they actually wanted out of the war. They...
  8. volantredx

    AHC : Keep the French Navy Strong for a Napoleonic Sealion

    In truth, you don't need a French Navy on par with the Royal Navy to cross in this era. This was before radios, before radar, and before engines. All you truly need is to clear part of the channel of the defensive force for a day and you could get a huge army across and at that point the war is...
  9. volantredx

    A Blunted Sickle - Thread II

    The most interesting thing is how the average German will think about Hitler and the Nazis. ITTL it seems like the general idea is that it was a group of overconfident nationalists who had few positive national policies but were disasters in conducting the war or understanding the actual...
  10. volantredx

    What If... Comic Book AH Thread

    Here's one I've thought about before What if Stephine Brown Stayed as Robin? So in our timeline the whole Steph as Robin thing was largely a stunt but if they stuck with it there'd be a few interesting changes. 1) The whole Tim's dad gets murdered and Tim gets adopted would never happen...
  11. volantredx

    The Fire Never Dies Pop Culture Collaborative Thread

    Moving on from comics, one thing I do wonder about is several of the key post-WW1 writers and how different their outputs would be. For instance, JRR Tolkin is going to be writing a story about the dangers of war, the brutality of conflict and the need for a peaceful and rural existence in a...
  12. volantredx

    La Guillotine Permanente: A French Revolutionary Timeline

    I'd assume it's in the British Invasion phase at this point. The Jacobins are the ones who freed the slaves and pushed for racial equality so it is unlikely they have any interest in forcing the Haitians to return to their bondage. So once the war ends Haiti would just be considered a part of...
  13. volantredx

    L’Aigle Triomphant: A Napoleonic Victory TL

    Napoleon sort of regretted his whole invasion as a waste of men and money. Haiti at this point is basically reset to year zero due to the constant invasions, rebellions, and counter-rebellions. At most he likely tries to talk the leadership at the time, I'm not actually fully sure who that would...
  14. volantredx

    The New Order: A Successful Selim III

    This is I think the only TL I've ever seen where Napoleon decided he couldn't win in the end and just agreed to a workable peace treaty. Usually, he either wins or fights to the bitter end, but it feels more historical that he'd agree to a peace deal. He only dug in when he thought he could pull...
  15. volantredx

    WI Georges Danton outfoxes Robespierre

    What might happen is that Danton leads a "proto-Reaction" in the Convention. No actual reversals on policy up to that point, but he'd put an end to the outright destruction of the church pushing instead for a more stable civic church solution and he'd wind down the terror. Basically, the death...
  16. volantredx

    WI Georges Danton outfoxes Robespierre

    Honestly, I don't think Napoleon gets much of his military career off the ground. By this point, his only major contribution to the war is in Toulon and I'm not even sure if that would go as it did IOTL. Napoleon and his brother might end up doing what they originally planned, returning home and...
  17. volantredx

    WI Georges Danton outfoxes Robespierre

    For those who don't know Georges Danton was one of the main leaders of the French Revolution. In a lot of ways he was the hard edge of the Revolution for years, and made a lot of enemies. In the year 1793, these enemies exposed real or at least real-looking acts of corruption by Danton to...
  18. volantredx

    The Fire Never Dies Pop Culture Collaborative Thread

    The biggest issue with any Marvel character being a product of the revolution is that Marvel didn't start until nearly 30 years after the revolution and it didn't build the stable we know as the Marvel heroes today until nearly 50 years after the revolution. Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Steve Ditko...
  19. volantredx

    The Fire Never Dies, Part II: The Red Colossus

    What could work is to have the Court of Owls be the villains but also have "Batman" be a major collective effort rather than just Bruce Wayne. Instead of Bruce being born rich he could have been a son of a maid who worked for the Waynes and was close to them before they were killed by a hitman...
  20. volantredx

    Samsara: An Antiquity Greco-Buddhist Timeline

    Really interesting how the two cultures interweave their stories together and how the concept of heroic deeds changes in Greece over time. Just a small minor note, you use the term "the kid" when talking bout Athena taking Hercules to Hera. While not wrong this is oddly informal and out of place...