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  1. WI United Fulani Jihads?

    I read about Bello being more a little tolerant of charms as long as it didn't use symbols, gibberish, or non-arabic words. Some prayers from the Quran and names or attributes of Allah were permissible. It seems Bello was also more interested in medicine overall than the Sheikh as well, and...
  2. WI United Fulani Jihads?

    A more clearer set of instructions and established by Usman Dan Fodio and more influence on his writings and policies by Bello would have helped. Bello seems to have seen some merit in moderating some of the more rigorist laws to his and the Caliphates benefit. With more explicit support and...
  3. Longships in the Niger: The Vikings in West Africa (A Viking and West Africa TL)

    I think it's safe to assume these particular vikings are either really unlucky, desperate, or crazy as hell to wind up down there. The end of the Viking era should coincide with the waxing power of the Ghana empire and Tekrur, so there's potential rewards for those venturing the Niger.
  4. Samsara: An Antiquity Greco-Buddhist Timeline

    This is a really cool premise for a tl based on the Diadochi period . Definitely worth the watch.
  5. Living Forever Like Ra - a Dynastic Egypt Timeline

    Definitely watching this one. It'll be interesting to see what Egypt and this new Pharoah does with a longer lasting Hittite empire.
  6. Underrated Historical States?

    Agreed, they aren't exactly abysmal . They also punch well out of their weight class in terms of music/ cultural relevance and impact for a population of 3 million. I'm still nominating Jamaica because of the fact that they don't fit the mold of timelines on this site because of scant...
  7. And All Nations Shall Gather To It - Volume I: The Abode of Peace

    Didn't know much about Makuria and it's power projection. Kind of having fun figuring out their relationship to Fatimid Egypt and its predecessors after this little read here... It takes a different view of Makuria being a...
  8. Underrated Historical States?

    A post-independence Jamaica that aspires to be a more economically successful nation and which navigates the cold war era better would be cool. Having it avoid the disappointment of the toxic legacy of political violence during the Manley (PNP) and Seaga (JLP) would be a very interesting pod...
  9. A Horn of Bronze--The Shaping of Fusania and Beyond

    Love explorers braving the unknown. And Sheiyiiq'aani (Kamchatka) and Chishima are a lot more productive than I thought. This is going to be huge. I can't wait to see the impacts the Northern trade has had on the Ainu in this tl when the Mongols really press their claim. It'll be...
  10. Under wings of the Zilant: a Golden horde timeline

    Looks like the Kubri emirate is going from strength to strength. Those universities are doing a lot of good for them and so were the scholars they produced. The Sahel is going to be a very interesting place.
  11. And All Nations Shall Gather To It - Volume I: The Abode of Peace

    @Rdffigueira Congratulations to you. Happy holidays.
  12. Bilad Al-Humran: A Malian America

    Glad to see this update.
  13. Bilad Al-Humran: A Malian America

    The Malians charting and exploring the "Sea of Darkness", the " Dark sea" the "Sea of Gloom", the"Sea of Perpetual Gloom, the "Great Green Sea of Gloom, or the "Green Sea" will certainly be prestigious in the Islamic world. This goes doubly so when the Malians venture beyond the coastlines.
  14. And All Nations Shall Gather To It - Volume I: The Abode of Peace

    I just remembered that the Italian city-states (Genoa and Pisa) should be players in North Africa and the Trans-saharan trade. They'll definitely want an advantageous position with the Marinids, rebels, or others. If the Almohads fragment, I'm very curious as to how the Italian city-states and...
  15. And All Nations Shall Gather To It - Volume I: The Abode of Peace

    I'll concede on that. I can see an undermining of Muslim control of the Med sea would lead to a reliance and strengthening of the trans-saharan network for the near future. Maybe some extra man power in controlling caravan routes and a weakening of the northern cities. I could see a situation...
  16. And All Nations Shall Gather To It - Volume I: The Abode of Peace

    Perhaps a defeat for North Africans on the coast means a re-orientation to the south or a vacuum that might be taken advantage of by more in-land or southern based Morrocan powers. If their ambitions are checked up north by Iberians and to the east by other christians, south is the only way. I...
  17. The Lion Unbroken: An Nguni TL

    I'm loving this. Changes so far have been fascinating. I'm really intrigued with how the relationship with the surrounding polities is shaping up. I never knew about the Mfecane, so it's an eye opener to see how much OTL Shaka's and his successors actions changed the face of Southern Africa so...
  18. And All Nations Shall Gather To It - Volume I: The Abode of Peace

    As in North Africa, the Maliki school should dominate more in the Sahel than otl if more muslims from the north are under pressure from the crusades.
  19. And All Nations Shall Gather To It - Volume I: The Abode of Peace

    Would the loss of Egypt re-energize the more rigorist/militant brand of energy the Almohads have championed, and would this be an avenue to increasing the longevity of the caliphate past otl?
  20. And All Nations Shall Gather To It - Volume I: The Abode of Peace

    Stemming from the discussion above and a shift in themes focusing on the relations between the Latin Frankish West vs Byzantine East, I think @TickTock The Witch's Dead is right about there being an Iberian push to West Africa after thinking on it more. A Crusader takeover of Egypt would...