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  1. WI: Greatest Mystery of the 19th Century - Napoleon Disappears!

    I know this isn't the point of the OP, but IRL Bonaparte tried to join the Lapérouse expedition that ended up vanishing in the South Pacific in the late 1780s.
  2. WI: Napoleon seizes St. Helena

    This was actually the plot of one the short stories in Forrester's "Hornblower in the West Indies." Hornblower overhears a couple of ex-Old Guardsmen in New Orleans talking about boarding a fast ship in Galveston with some Waterloo veterans and haul ass to the South Atlantic, so he overtakes...
  3. Feasibility Check: Surviving Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact?

    Yes, but that wasn't what I was questioning.
  4. What if the U.S. invaded Latin and South America?

    You mean, apart from the degree of influence extended through political actions such as in Venezuela, military interventions in the Panama, Mexican, and Cuban revolutions, and private sector interests i.e. the United Fruit Company?
  5. If Napoléon Had Won Waterloo Would Everything Really Have Been So Awesome?

    The article seems to ignore the existence of the other Allied armies gathering on the frontiers, the fact that Napoleon was practically at the bottom of the barrel as far as sources of manpower went, and the absolute determination of the Allied powers to put paid to Bonapartist adventures once...
  6. Nixon's Legacy If He Lost in Both 1960 and 1968

    He'd be about as remembered as Adlai Stevenson, maybe at best as well-regarded as an elder Party statesman as Al Gore and John Kerry are.
  7. Why the term "President"?

    "President" was considered a neutral-ish term, not quite monarchial, but not unimpressive, either. They really did make it up as they went.
  8. Non-parallelisms in TL 191

    I think I may have a very slightly different interpretation of the Russian Revolutions of 1917 than you, but if you're choosing to disengage over the use of the "Fuck" word then so be it.
  9. Non-parallelisms in TL 191

    Wait, are you actually saying that in late October 1917 millions of Russians collectively thought, at the same time, "You know what? Fuck this shit" and rose en masse to replace the Czar with Lenin's guys? I mean, for starters, the monarchy had been gone for months already...
  10. Non-parallelisms in TL 191

    It wasn't a random uprising in 1925 in Tsaritsyn by Stalin and some cronies; it was the winding down of a very long, and brutal, Russian civil war that began with the turmoil unleashed by the collapse of Russian military power in 1917. Then the Romanovs cracked down on the surviving Bolsheviks...
  11. WI: Jack the Ripper is arrested?

    My initial reaction to seeing the thread title was, "well, shit, why didn't the police think of doing that?"
  12. (TL-191) Is Winston Churchill allying with far-right individuals plausible?

    It sounded like the Tories only named him leader because it was either that, or their place gets taken by Mosley's crowd and they end up like the Liberals.
  13. Question: Did FDR hate Germany prior to 1933

    Hate is a strong word, but I think HW Brands wrote in his FDR bio that Roosevelt had some tendencies in him that had him lean against Germany because of experiences from his childhood, reinforced by the first war.
  14. What post-Rome setting would be a good focus for a show like house of cards?

    Is this thread supposed to be one of those generic "what era of history do you want a movie or tv show about?" threads, but with a post-Rome filter? Because save for two or three posts, almost all the responses make literally no reference to the premise "House of Cards" is based on.
  15. How would the Nuremberg trial have changed if Hitler, Himmler and Goebbels were captured?

    I don't think anything substantial would change in the existing dock. Hans Fritzche wouldn't be tried at all, and Kaltenbrunner would likely be relegated to a second-tier trial in the late 40s, though he'd still face the hangman. Probably everyone else, Goering included, would still be there.
  16. Did Eva Braun have any relevant impact on WW2 and Nazi Germany?

    If she's only remembered and mentioned in posterity as the woman who committed suicide alongside Adolf Hitler hours after marrying him, then there stands a very good chance that that was all she ever did.
  17. TL-191: Yankee Joe - Uniforms, Weapons, and Vehicles of the U.S. Armed Forces

    The text was pretty clear on this: the U.S. was the country that came up with the steel helmet and that it was the Germans who would be copying it. And honestly, Morrell's role--he talked to a doctor about it, then promptly forgot--seems trivial almost to a comical degree in the wider canvas of...