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  • spoonzandforkz

  • Hello! Just something of a question: I remember a post/comment with you suggesting a book series or something that was sorta like ASOIAF but with cats or something. Do you remember the name? Forgot to list it down and I can't find any comments on the subject through AH.com's search method (maybe Thanos "snapped"? in the Great Erasure of Political Threads?) :coldsweat:
    I called Warrior Cats "cat game of thrones" or something of the sort because it's a dark fantasy series where cat politics causes no end of trouble.

    This would've been in the Fanfic Recommendations thread in Media and Fandom. The books themselves aren't much like game of thrones except in the sense of "bullshit politics causes a lot of drama" and "dark fantasy" being core elements.
    Yeah, is that the one? Sorta been captivated by the "cat soldiers"-type theme I've gotten from playing the board game Root, so I've been thinking of particular media to satisfy that itch, and I vaguely remember a recommendation in this forum about that exact theme. Thanks!
  • BobTheBarbarian

  • I know the moderator spoke up, but how can one make a "Christian" argument for genocide? The Fifth Commandment is "You shall not kill" (murder) and Jesus says "love your neighbor as yourself."
    ... (in part: "I do not want you to be unaware of this mystery, brothers, so that you will not become wise [in] your own estimation: a hardening has come upon Israel in part, until the full number of the Gentiles comes in, and thus all Israel will be saved [...]")
    It is God's plan that salvation, not extermination, should come to all people across all parts of the Earth, and it was Jesus' ministry that really kick-started this.
    Believe what you will. But my point still stands.
  • delphine_79900

  • Hi! Can u give link to Ned/Catelyn/Ashara fic ? I've tried to find but i didn't find it anywhere except the wrong link in ASIOAF thread
  • DeltaEnterprise252


  • What inspired you to write Being Donald Trump? Also did you write about being Nixon and Regan, I believe someone mentioned something about that?
  • Lady Visenya

    Lady Visenya

  • Thanks for fighting the good fight in the USA's contribution to WWI. Too bad the Europeans are so stupidly nationalist. They're genuinely deluded and like to cling to the moments when they believe they were still relevant. And on the whole? European nationalism is weird. It's this weird not straightforward nationalism that works by claiming they're not nationalists but everyone else is.
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    Lady Visenya
    Lady Visenya
    I'm very sorry you had to deal with idiots who couldn't read your arguments or engage with them honestly, and only went "but muh troop count, muh tanks" without noting that logistics wins wars and the Brits and French were absolutely fucked without US support.
  • Deleted member 107125

  • So where do you stand ideologically?
    Worffan101 2
    Somewhat to the left of Bernie Sanders. I think I stand most with anarcho-syndicalists and DeLeonists, though abolishing the state entirely kinda seems like a pipe dream.
    Deleted member 107125 1
    I think I generally agree with you there. Your handle 'dirty communist' worried me a bit because it gave me the assumption that you were one of those dirtbag left types, and I also never really understood where you stood. Nice speaking to you!
    Windows95 1
    Would markets be there or coordinated negotiation/barter on a wider scale happen? Is some parts of the economy planned and others market?
  • Crust3038


  • Spacebattles.com is under siege by a fascist and nazi cabal. Welp. Don't go there if you want to post your story. Go to SufficientVelocity.
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